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Even though it sounds like an unachievable mission, having a clean house with your furry inhabitants is actually something quite realistic and possible! However, if you are not prepared to accept the fact that it probably won’t be as impeccable as you might have gotten used to, then having a pet strolling up and down your living room carpet probably won’t be the perfect solution for you. Everything boils down to a single and most important question “Are you willing to make the compromise”? Yes, strands of hair will be all over the place, even mud and dirt will be seen occasionally, but the joy of having a convivial and non-judgmental friend makes the rest seem utterly irrelevant. Here are a few simple tips that will help you keep your house sparkling in spite of the fact that there is a joyful little beast constantly waiting to make a mess of it.


Yes, we all enjoy cuddling with our cheeky little companions! Nevertheless, there have to be rules to abide. We implore you not to allow your cats and dogs to sleep on your bed. Sometimes we purposely forget (because we hate to believe it) that our pets can be the carriers of different bacteria and parasites that can do serious harm to us. On an additional note, by abiding to this rule, your bedroom will not need any extra vacuuming or sweeping.


Dogs need to move, and we all enjoy taking them for a walk. Still, let’s not forget that they don’t understand the meaning of cleanliness, so not to rarely, we will see them stuffing their paws into mud and filthy puddles, and we don’t want to see those stains on our neatly kept floors, right? Make sure you train your dog to wait in front of the door after you have finished walking, until you get those wet wipes and clean he’s/hers paws.


Instead of talking about how to clean, let’s talk about how to prevent, or at least decrease the need for cleaning in the first place. Hair, yes, we know, it’s all over the place. However, don’t let your laziness stand in your way. Devote some time, just a couple of days a week, to brushing your pet and remember to have the right pet brush to groom your pet on hand. Not only will you help yourself by doing that, you will also help your pet. For example, well brushed cats have a much lesser risk of choking on a hairball!


Honestly, it would be imprudent to let your pets get accustomed to staying around the kitchen. Cats and dogs can sometimes develop intestinal parasites that can be dangerous to people. So, make sure you always thoroughly clean your countertops and other places that are related to food preparation. This will not only keep your kitchen clean, but it will also decrease the risk of a virus spreading.


All of you cat owners know what it feels like to deal with litter boxes, day in and day out. However, scooping the box once or twice a day, and changing it once in ten days is perfectly enough. Also, do try to buy a new litter box at least once a year.

Maintaining a household with pets demands some extra patience and dedication. You are definitely going to do more vacuuming than ever before, moping and wet wiping, but we promise you’ll be happier. Sometimes, hiring help for cleaning purposes is a great solution if you’re too tired for tidying up and just want to spend some time with your furry friend. In that case, hiring reliable Singapore maids can be just the right choice.


About the author: James Toblert has been engaged with many different organizations throughout the U.K. whose primordial goal was spreading knowledge about housekeeping. More than ever before we are in need for cleaning experts who can help make our lives easier, and James is one of the best in the business.


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