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The 5 best DJ speakers recommended for playing at a house party.

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Hosting a party can be an absolute blast if everything goes right. You have ordered enough food and drink, your music is off the hook and your friends are having the greatest time conversing, dancing, and hanging out with one another. Throwing a successful party has the ability to catapult your reputation to new heights in a matter of a few hours. Whether you are a professional DJ or not, having great speakers for playing music at your house party is a great way to set the tone for a great gathering. This article will highlight some of the best DJ speakers on the market that would make a house party epic. No matter what your budget is, speakers like these can make a dull party turn in to the most talked about event in your town for the remainder of the year.


  1. Proreck Party 15. This set of speakers is great for those who host parties regularly in a variety of locations. The portability of these speakers make them easy to transport from place to place and they do not disappoint in the sound quality department. Perhaps the most high tech of the lot, this set of speakers offers 9 pieces of equipment. Active and passive speakers combined with stands, power cables, microphone, wireless remote control, and other accessories make this set a great value for the price point. While it may be more expensive than others listed, there is much more in the set for the money and the sound quality is exceptional as well.


  1. Pyle PSUFM1035A. There are many great models by Pyle however this particular speaker is a standout as it offers bluetooth capability. In addition, it comes with both a passive and an active speaker box that are bluetooth compatible which makes playing at home easy regardless of which device you are using. Another great perk of this model is that it comes with an SD card reader as well as an FM radio. You don’t have to worry about having a separate set up of lights as this speaker has built in flashing DJ lights that are sure to please those on the dancefloor.


  1. Seismic Audio 15”. These speakers are great if you want to keep them in a special room or you plan to drag them out for unique occasions. They weigh a substantial amount and are not easy to move around. However, if you plan to host a party and you want an amazing sound system that is sure to impress the most unenthused, the Seismic Audio system is the way to go.


  1. Mackie Thump 15. If you want to host a party that promises chest-thumping music, this is the perfect speaker system for you. The Mackie Thump stands by their reputation that you will experience chest thumping. With 1000w of power and high output, you can expect great sound while being lightweight enough to transfer from various places throughout your property. If your swimming pool is the place to be during the day but the basement is the evening hangout area, you can easily transport the speakers to a different location without making a scene.


  1. Pyle Pro PPHP103MU. This two-way speaker set is affordable and offers 600 watts of power with the ability to play your MP3’s directly from it. The ease of use with this speaker set is incredible and makes playing music at your house party an enjoyable experience. With a wide range of audio capabilities, you do not have to worry about your speakers blowing mid-party.





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  • Awesome post for music lovers. They can go and enjoy the party along with music DJ speakers. Proper management of a party has the ability to catapult your reputation to new heights in a short period. Keep continuing such type of posts for readers.


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