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Finally, the time has come! My wife and I have been planning this getaway for about four years now, and finally we can both take a vacation together. Due to demanding jobs on both of our ends, we were never able to get away at the same time. However, both of our bosses gave us anniversary gifts that include the ability to choose when to take our vacations. We both quickly chose the time before they changed their minds!

The Destination

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Then the time came to choose where to go. Chicago? New York? Maybe Florida? My wife then said, “How about we try our dream place again?” That’s when we both smiled at each other and knew that this was the perfect time. The back story behind our ill-fated Paris getaway is funny because we have tried to plan for Paris about three other times. Each time we became overwhelmed with trying to find the best hotel, things to do, car rental, and places to eat. We chose to go somewhere more familiar in order to make the vacation more doable. However, this Paris travel guide quickly showed us just how doable Paris is.

A Dream Come True

After using the services offered by GoDoTrip, we were so relieved that planning a trip to Paris was so easy! We laughed for about 30 minutes, because if we would have known about GoDoTrip sooner, this could have been our third trip to Paris instead of the first.

Our reservation for theHôtel D’Aubusson came in first. This is a five-star hotel with an amazing view of Paris. The look is high-class and cozy all rolled in one. My wife got a feeling to wear pearls and a dress, but I was more in the mood for slippers and a robe.

Next up was our Paris itinerary. First, I must admit that I was shocked when we read about everything Paris has to offer. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is the number one attraction for tourists such as ourselves, but there was a Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour that was calling our names, too. This tour is set up to take you to all of the top attractions. What is exciting is that you not only get a land-based tour, but you can also upgrade the ticket for a river tour. We are so excited!

While touring through Paris, we were exposed to so many bistros serving French cuisine. We have a tradition to try something new whenever we are on vacation, and we both had with tons of opportunities to try new foods and see new things in Paris.

The process of planning our trip was so painless that we even used GoDoTrip to look into a few other places as well. We now have two more trips planned in addition to our Paris adventure. GoDoTrip is efficient, personal, and simple, and it has made our dream a reality with a few clicks. We will never vacation without these services again!



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