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Martingale collars are an excellent choice for keeping your dog safely on a leash. They are popular among Doberman owners. They are one of the best Doberman dog collars​. But you need to be mindful if you are keeping it on when your dog is off-leash. 

Martingale collars work ideally for training and control purposes. But they can pose a danger to your dog if they are not used properly. Many different types of martingale collars are available, it is recommended that you get yourself familiarized with them. Here we will tell you how you can do it:


Make sure that the martingale collar is properly fitted. Proper fit is important for any collar, but it is more important for martingale collar. To get a proper fit, you should adjust the collar down to snugly fit around the neck, but do not make it tight. 

Make sure that when you attach the leash and pull it, the two metal hardware pieces that form the collar loop must not touch. If you see that the two metal pieces are touching each other, there is too much space between the dog’s neck and collar; this can make the dog slip out of the collar. 

The design of the collar is very important. Some of the martingales are poorly designed, and its loop can be oversized, which makes it very difficult to get a proper fit. Be careful to check that the loop is proportional to the collar size. For a proper fit, measure the width of your dog’s neck.


You must never leave a new dog or a puppy, unattended in a martingale collar. When you bring your dog home for the first time, your dog will need some time to get used to its new surroundings. If it is nervous, it may hide, chew, piddle — or even try to run away. Because of the weight of the hardware on the martingale collar, the loop moves to the front of the dog’s neck. This increases the risk of your dog getting an injury, as it can get its teeth or mouth on the loops, or the loop can get caught in something.


Do not allow your dog to go outdoors in a martingale collar without a leash. Whether you have a regular or a gold dog leash, it is very important to always keep it on if you choose to wear a martingale collar outside. If the dog runs into a bush or tries to jump over a chain-link fence, the loop on the collar can get caught and can potentially choke it.


Don’t put your dog in a kennel or a crate with its martingale collar on. As mentioned in rule number 2, your dog can chew on the loop. If the edges of the cage are not welded, the loop can get caught and risk choking your dog.


You should discontinue training or use the martingale collar if your dog is not responding.

Although they work for most dog owners, it is possible that your dog does not respond to it. In this case, consult a professional trainer and look for other tools.


Don’t get scared by all the dangers of a martingale collar. The collar was invented to ensure the safety of your dog. All the dangers mentioned above can also happen with a traditional buckle collar. If you need help, consult a professional trainer. They can help you use a martingale collar initially. 



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