Must Have Kitchen Accessories For Mums

Let’s face it: We all love to eat and cook. We are all fond of experimenting with different recipes, kitchen-related accessories, and cooking guides. And while all this is essential, knowledge about easy to use kitchen accessories is even more important!

Have you ever got confused while shopping for kitchen accessories? There are so many useful kitchen tools tempting you towards them. These kitchen gadgets promise ease of use, speedy work, and enjoyable meals. 

With all the fine brands in front of you, one needs to be smart when listing down kitchen essentials. So that by the end of each meal, you don’t have a pile of tools for cleaning.

We can help you with some ideas that might come handy while reorganizing your kitchen. 


13 piece Super Slicer

This 13-piece slicer is a must have for anyone who likes to eat veggies. It can grate, slice, clean greens, separate yolks, and non-skid bowl. Read more about the slicer here. This is a great tool for when you don’t want to take out the big guns. Prepping ingredients for meals for one or two people is quick and simple. Easy to assemble, easy to clean.

Microplane Zester/Grater/ Slicer

The first accessory for you is the Microplane Zester/Grater/ Slicer — Apart from adding exquisite little details to the food, this tool comes extra handy when going for grating cheese for steaming, baked gourmet and vegetables for your salads. 

Also, the zesty flavors in the desserts will make you proud of your pick, because of its improvised shape, it’s easy to clean after usage. 

No More Tears – The Onion Chopper

The next day-saving tool is the Onion Chopper. Ever tried chopping onions with chewing gum and running water and all the old wives’ tales?

Well, this tool not only saves you from endless tears and swelling your eyes. It lets you do the onion chopping without any tears. Also, it’s easy for kids to help in the kitchen, or maybe those with arthritis who can’t chop as well with a chef’s knife. 

Coffee Maker/ Electric Kettle

Coffee Maker or the Electric Kettle helps you have your steaming coffee ready within minutes without any worry of keeping it warm while you take care of the kids.

 The stainless bottle keeps the coffee warm for hours and hours—even if the machine has turned off. 

With the additional option added, you can easily switch your mood to tea without fussing much of using another tool for its brewing. 

The All-In-One Pineapple Tool

Next in line is the All-In-One Pineapple Tool that’ll remove the stem, core, peel, and slice your tasty fruit so well that you will love your fruit diet more than anything else in the food list. 

This peeling-slicing-dicing can be completely done with adorable perfection in less than two minutes that would typically take 20 minutes to go through the whole process.  

The Nut Chopper

Our next kitchen hero, the Nut Chopper, definitely spares you from going nuts, cracking all the hard shells of these yummy treats. 

Use it as a snack or sprinkle it on your desserts – the use of nuts is now getting unavoidable. But when it comes to cutting more than a few, it drains away all your time and energies, especially if you do not have the best knife skills. 

This Nut Chopper is a very convenient way to chop almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and a variety of other nuts adding divine tastes to the creamy desserts, shakes, cakes, and pies. 

It’s a multipurpose tool and can be used for grinding different types of foods, including some vegetables and hard cheeses. The nut chopper is also dishwasher safe. 

Final Thoughts

Now that life has become busiest due to the intensity of work demanded from us, working smart is the friendliest solution for all the hardworking mums out there. These simple, pocket-friendly kitchen tools will make your life much simpler than before. 

So, let’s go neat and smart!



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