A Grand Entrance: 5 Ways To Improve The Front Of Your Home

A Grand Entrance: 5 Ways To Improve The Front Of Your Home

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Many people get so focused on interior design that they forget about the outside of their home. Taking steps to make the entrance of your home more pretty can help to create a more inviting feeling. You’ll feel better arriving home from work and your guests will enter feeling more welcome. Here are just five ways to make the entrance to your home more alluring.

Keep it clean

Don’t let your property look dirty and unkempt from the outside. Every so often, take the time to clean the outside of the windows and sweep away any leaves. If you’ve got a front lawn, keep this regularly trimmed. If you’ve got a driveway, make sure that this hasn’t got weeds growing out of it. You could even hire a pressure washer to clean the paving stones if your driveway is paved. By keeping a clean appearance on the outside, you’ll offer people a better first impression of your overall cleanliness.

Go dramatic with your door

Your front door should stand out. This draws people towards your door, making your home more inviting. It could be worth looking at some wood doors and finding a replacement if you think your current door doesn’t feel bold enough. Alternatively, you might be able to paint your current door a new vibrant color such as red or green.

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Furnish with flowers

Flowers are the perfect pretty touch to bring life to the front of your home. You don’t need a front garden to display flowers – simply add some hanging baskets either side of your front door for a striking floral display. You can also consider window boxes for planting flowers in. Use bright colors that contrast the color of your house such as red or blue against white walls or white flowers against a red-brick or dark wooden home.

Light the way

Having some lights outside you home can help to guide you and your guests to the front door after dark. Motion sensing lighting is the best solution as it doesn’t use up constant power at night. Such lighting can also have the dual effect of scaring off the wrong kind of visitors – burglars are more likely to target properties in which they can go undetected. For lighting up a path leading to your front door or a driveway, consider solar lighting as a cheap and pretty option.

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Offer shelter

Has your front door got shelter over the top for when guests visit in the rain? This can be a nice touch to the front of your home that can also give your entrance a cozier feel. If your home opens straight out onto the pavement, you may want to check with local planning committee before building a porch or canopy area. These canopies can be great for hanging items from such as lighting, flower baskets and wind chimes.



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