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5 Telltale Signs of Plumbing Trouble

Your plumbing system ought to operate at optimal efficiency throughout. Most of the time, however, plumbing problems occur. Since the problems are not always obvious, you should stay keen to avoid inconveniences and the losses that come with water remediation. This article highlights some of the commonest signs of plumbing trouble:


Weak Water Flow

This, especially in multiple locations around your home, is a warning sign that you should not ignore. Low water pressure in many locations shows that you have an issue in your distribution. Understand that this problem might be due to many things, with the commonest ones being a leak in the main supply line and in your water heater. Low water pressure might sometimes be harmless. In such a case, consider investing in a pressure booster.

Poor Water Quality

If your water is rusty or foul-smelling, you have reason to worry. Most of the time, this happens when your water pipes and the water heater are faulty. The water heater is usually the culprit in such a situation. If your heater has the rod referred to as a “sacrificial rod,” it will corrode with time. The corrosion usually leads to a breakdown of the rod, hence rusty or foul-smelling water. Before replacing your heater or piping system, however, it is advisable to consult specialists in plumbing in Salt Lake City.

Slow Drains

These are the most obvious sign of plumbing trouble. Such issues occur when there are clogs near your drains or in the pipes. There are plenty of approaches regarding unclogging drains, including the use of chemicals. If the problem is extensive, especially where tree roots are concerned, chemicals and snaking might not solve it. If you do not solve clogging issues in time, chances of backflow would be high. This can mean even more problems. In the case of simple clogs, it is advisable to use non-chemical unclogging methods.

Increased Water Bills

Water bills are likely to increase from time to time. If you notice a spike in your bills, however, you have every reason to worry. Such spikes show that there has been a drastic change in your entire plumbing system. Most spikes come from leaks. You should inspect your toilet and faucets. If you have a running toilet and/or dripping faucets, you ought to contact a plumber as soon as possible. A running toilet can waste a high volume of water.

Stains and Bubbling on Walls and Ceilings

In case you notice stains on the walls, floors, or ceiling, you should contact a plumber, especially if there is a musty smell. Such stains indicate that there is a water leak. Other signs to look out for include the bubbling and peeling of ceiling and wall paint. Leaking roofs can cause such problems, too. This makes it important to investigate the cause of the problem prior to taking drastic measures.

It is advisable to address problems with your plumbing system immediately, regardless of how small they appear. Once they progress, they can mean heavy losses and inconveniences overhauling your system. Small leaks might also cause a big mold problem.


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