5 Types of Water Features for Small Gardens

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It is always a great idea to have a garden in your home, regardless of how small that green patch may be. Not only does a garden lend a breath of fresh air—quite literally, as plants give off a lot of oxygen and take in harmful carbon dioxide—but it also makes the atmosphere more visually and aesthetically pleasing.

And if there is something better than owning a garden, it’s staying in one with a nice water feature that perfectly complements the natural environment. A water feature provides added visual interest and stimulates the other senses as well. You can hear soft, soothing gurgling and you can even run your fingers over the flowing water. All of these contribute to a relaxed state of mind and enhanced physical and mental well-being.

There are many types of water features available in the market today that can surely spruce up your property. If you’re not sure where to begin, here is a list of water features that you can put in a garden with limited space:

  1. Fountains are one of the most common and popular choices for a water feature. There are many variations of fountains that fit outdoor spaces. The most basic of these is the traditional pedestal fountain, which may be made up of one to three layers of basins where water flows down by gravity. More modern designs include sphere fountains and bell fountains. Outdoor fountains for the garden are ideally made of natural materials such as stone, or sturdy materials such as concrete.


  1. Waterfalls could be considered a type of fountain, but they are designed a bit differently in order to blend naturally against the garden setting. Waterfalls give the illusion of free-flowing water. They are also usually made of natural stone material, but they may also be designed using synthetic materials such as fiberglass finished to look like stone. Even in a small garden, a waterfall feature of the right size and proportion can do wonders in making the space look bigger.


  1. Ponds are another nice choice for a water feature in a garden. You might think that a pond is only suitable for large outdoor spaces. However, it need not be wide and meandering—just the right size for your garden will do. The great thing about a pond is its versatility—you can make it into a reef aquarium by adding some goldfish, koi carp, or even turtles. You can even grow pond plants such as water lilies and lotus, or float flowers and candles on the pond’s surface.. You can even grow pond plants such as water lilies and lotus, or float flowers and candles on the pond’s surface.


  1. Basins are wide containers usually made of natural stone, concrete, or other materials. They are similar to ponds in that they both usually contain still (non-running) water. However, ponds are level to the ground, while basins are mostly aboveground or even placed on a high pedestal. You may also choose to populate your basin with fish or plants to make it more interesting.


  1. Bird baths look similar to basins on a pedestal, but the water level is shallower. This is because they serve a practical purpose of providing refuge for fine-feathered friends in the neighborhood. Bird baths are a truly unique type of water feature in the garden. The sound of birds flocking to your garden will also definitely add to the sensory experience.

Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Garden

Apart from design, there are other things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect outdoor water feature for your home, such as your current lifestyle and budget, as well as the theme and look of your garden.

Also, make sure to go with a reputable supplier or installer who will give you value for money. The water feature should be constructed well using high-quality materials to withstand the elements. A good supplier also provides warranty and after-sales troubleshooting. If you follow these tips, you will surely have that perfect water feature in your garden that will provide you pleasure and satisfaction for years to come.



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