2018 Baby Gift Guide Featuring Cozy Bump, a unique way for mom to rest comfortably!

Welcome to our 2018 Baby Gift Guide. For the next few weeks we will be showcasing some awesome “Baby Must Have” gift ideas for your little one. You will see a range of products in all categories along with links for you to lean more or purchase any of these items.

OK, todays feature baby gift is pretty unique it’s called the Cozy Bump .

One of the most important things for a woman while being pregnant is comfortability. Especially in the third trimester, a woman’s body will change so rapidly day to day and, without the proper equipment comfort levels can be very low for an activity as simple as lying down. The makers over at Cozy Bump have heard our concerns and are here to help.

In order to ease back pain and rest comfortably while lying on your baby bump, Cozy Bump introduces the Cozy Bump Maternity Pillow. The Cozy Bump is unlike any other pillow I have ever seen as it is a blow-up body pillow with a supporting hole in the middle made specifically for your belly.

This takes pressure off mom’s  spine and lower back. OB/GYN and Chiropractor approved, the Cozy Bump will make a noticeable difference in the very next nap you’ll take by providing you the ability to rest on your stomach as if your baby bump isn’t even there! Shifting of the body’s center of gravity due to the  mothers growing baby bump puts stress on the lumbosacral spine, leading to pain and discomfort in the back and pelvic regions

The Cozy Bump has two separate air chambers that allow you to adjust Cozy Bump’s size as baby grows, the headrest is also very wide; wide enough to negate the need of a pillow while using.

The mechanics of the Cozy Bump allows a woman to rest while keeping her stress areas the same as if she was standing up. You see the shifting of the body’s center of gravity due to the mothers growing baby bump puts stress on the lumbosacral spine,  leading to pain and discomfort in the back and pelvic regions. But the Cozy Bump  has a raised center and a decline in the leg section which combined decompresses the spine helping with lower back pain during pregnancy.  In this X-ray image you can see the stressed areas when a mother is standing, then you can see how the mother’s back is relaxed when lying on the Cozy Bump.  

The Cozy Bump will make a world of difference for any pregnant woman who is or isn’t having discomfort!  I’m sure moms all over the world would be glad to give the Cozy Bump a try! It even floats in the pool and it retails for $64.99 at https://www.cozybump.com/ and on Amazon.


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  1. I haven’t seen this kind of maternity pillow. I wish I could have tried it during my pregnancies. It took forever to find a comfortable position!

  2. This is unique! My sons girlfriend is due in Jan or Feb and is developing a bump… will have to let them know about this!

  3. This looks like an awesome invention for pregnant women! I would have loved to be able to lye on my belly when pregnant!

  4. This is so useful and the colors are terrific! A perfect gift!

  5. This might make a great baby shower gift for a new mom

  6. My daughter’s mother would have benefited from this when she was pregnant. Would make a great shower gift! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a wonderful gift and perfect for any new mother. I needed this for sure when my kids were babies!

  8. Cozy Bump is such a great idea. This is a perfect shower gift that I would have liked to receive.

  9. Currently pregnant with my second and having a much harder time staying off my back and stomach. This looks amazing.

  10. Sounds like a very comfortable pillow!!

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