Home Ownership/First Time Homebuyer!

I’m so excited for my oldest daughter and her husband. They both have been saving for a new home for sometime now. They live in a small apartment which has one  bedroom, small kitchen and living room. This will be a big change for them both moving into a home twice the size of their apartment.

Even though it took them sometime to find a home in this real estate market, I think their choice to buy now is much better than before. Our real estate market was dying fast a few years ago and I know my husband and I wouldn’t have agreed with their choice of purchasing a home back then. The market was just to risky!

Now that it seems to be picking up we couldn’t help but advise them to take sometime to look around to find that right home and compare Mortgage Insurance. She needs to make sure that their decisions will be for long term and as my Mom use to say, make sure all your ducks are in order.

Now that she has grown older I have noticed a big change in the way she spends money. She’s more money conscious , not spending because she has it. She has learned the value of money and how to budget. When I came across this article called Women and finances: Growing older makes women better with money from YAHOO I had to share this article with her. After we both read it, I assured her that her results of learning to manage her finances will insure a better tomorrow and future! I wanted her to understand that making better decision now with her finances would indeed give her long term stability!

I advised her to purchase a nice book and name it My First Time Homebuyer book. This will guide her and her fiance to making the right decisions. I said grab you pen and paper and jot down everything you will need to know. Most importantly speak to a reputable real estate firm.

1) Know your budget,

2) Check your credit score ,

3) Know your monthly housing costs,

4) Ask what will be your closing costs,

5) Look at the big picture, there is more to just buying a home.

6) Get your documents in order


You can always call or visit Genworth, they will be happy to future assist you with all your Home Ownership questions. A representative is always available!







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12 thoughts on “Home Ownership/First Time Homebuyer!

  • Great tips everyone should know!

  • Congratulations on your success!! Glad to see this working out.

  • congrats it is so hard to sort everything out when trying to buy a home let alone your first home

  • congrats, buying a house is a lot of hassle.we just bought one 5 months ago, too much waiting and paperworks.

  • That’s awesome. I can;t wait until my husband and i can buy our first home. It is a scary thought, but something we can’t help but dream about.

  • Very nice! Big responsibility but great rewards :o)

  • What a gorgeous house this is. I would love to get one 🙂

  • Great information! It’s definitely a great step for a young person.

  • Congrats to your daughter on being able to buy her very first home! It is a good time to buy now, and it is so rewarding to be able to own your own home! The best tip that you give is to know your own budget! This is so important to know what you can afford when purchasing a house. Too many people over extend themselves and get into hot water!

  • Buying the first home is such an exciting time! Great post and congrats to your daughter.

  • Congrats to your daughter on being able to purchase a home. It is a great time to buy, just remember to stay within a comfortable budget. You do not want fast food to be a luxury once a year outing!


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