How To Mount A Gun Safe To The Wall?

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Do you know how rapidly the rate of crime is increasing these days? Yes, today, it has become difficult to keep yourself being protected from the misdeeds. You cannot keep your things secure unless you have an efficient surveillance system.

People are now worried about their valuables. Even the gun owners are anxious about keeping their guns safe at home. Since the biggest threat for most of the gun owners is probably theft. In this case, opting for an in-wall gun safe is probably the best option. They are always the best safety winners to protect your guns and other belongings.

You would likely be not known of mounting a gun safe to the wall? So, here is how you can mount a gun safe to the wall.

Locate The Anchor Hole

Most of the gun safes are created with an anchor hole in the bottom. Locating the anchor hole is the basic step in installing the security safes. Every gun safe has anchor holes. Search for them. If your gun safe does not have an anchor hole, improvise an anchor hole by welding it to metal support or simply by chaining down your gun safe.

Choose A Cement Anchoring Location

Select a cement anchoring location for installing the gun safe. Make sure that there is no flooring and carpet in the way of cement. Always ensure that your gun safe does not draw attention or gets in the way.

Outline The Anchor Hole In The Wall

Now, the other step is to move the safe back into the anchoring location. Use a pen or marker to outline the anchor hole in the wall. Clearly mark the anchoring hole position. Misaligned holes result in throwing off the placement of the gun safe.

Use A Hammer Drill To Drill The Anchoring Hole

To drill the anchoring hole, use a drilling hammer with a depth between 3 inches to 4 inches. Now place the bit at the anchor hole mark and press the trigger to drill the hole.

Clean Out The Remaining Debris From The Hole

One of the easiest ways of cleaning the debris is with the compressed air. You can hold the nozzle of the air up to the hole at any angle and spray it to clean out the small debris and dust.

Return The Safe To The Anchoring Location

Move the gun safe back into its anchoring position. Ensure that the anchoring hole should be aligned precisely with the hole you drilled in the cement.

Level The Gun Safe

Always use the carpenter’s level to check the correct levelness of the gun safe. If it’s unleveled, use shims to even the things out.

Sink The Lag Bolt To Anchor The Gun Safe

Almost every anchoring kit contains a cement bolt, a washer, or a cement anchor. Push the bolt into the hole in cement and slide the washer onto the bolt. Then use a socket wrench or pliers to fasten the hex nut to the threading.

Weld Your Gun Safe To A Metal Support Beam

Accurately position your gun safe alongside the metal support beam. Weld both of them together. Observe the seam created by the support and the gun safe by using a torch. Seal the gun safe to the support wherever they touch.

Mount The Safe To The Stud In The Wall

For locating studs in your wall, use a stud finder. Mark the area where you will be anchoring the safe on the studs. Drill a screw hole at the marks. Now, line up the safe with the drilled holes and install the anchoring gun safe.


So, this is how you can get your in-wall gun safe installation done at your home. You can do it yourself if you are handy. Otherwise, call a carpenter and ask him to do it for you. This is one of the most reliable and wonderful ways of keeping your guns secure at home.

And if you cannot drill your wall, buy a heavy chain or lock. Weave the chain all around the safe and lock it to your bed or table. You can also weigh down your gun safe with cement to make it heavier to move.



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