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2017 Top Summer Cool Toys For Your Kids!! @JustPlay, @Zuru, @BridgeDirect, #summerguide

Summer is not only about the parks, beaches, outdoor sports, and activities. It’s also about summer, cool toys your children can enjoy while they’re out for the summer.

Toys like Mad balls, Eye balls, Bunch of balloons, Doc McStuffins Get Better Baby Cece Doll, Shopkins Kinstructions – Wave 3, and PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicles (Cat-Car, Gekko-Mobile and Owl Glider). Now these toys can be found in many retail stores near you.
Each one is sure to keep your child/children entertained this summer. Let’s talk about the first ones which are from the Madballs 3” Foam Balls – Wave 2  & Mad ball collection:
Mad balls are a series of toy rubber balls originally created by AmToy, each one has an grosstastic look that will capture any kids attention. There soft, foam, material will allow your kids to squeeze them with ease, toss , bounce, and slam. Each one has their own characteristic  storyline. Keep in mind that Mad balls are small and aren’t recommended for children under 3yrs old.
(Warning: Choking Hazard) You can catch these gross mad balls in six new six core characters: Skull Face, Dustbrain, Horn Head, Screamin’ Meemie, Oculus Orbus and Slobulus. You can also catch the The Madballs Blind Packs character collectibles 1.5” pocket size. Each Madball is made with amazingly grotesque detail and comes packaged in a foil blind pack, ready to be revealed!
These totally gross figures are perfect for kids and collectors alike! The Wave 2 collection features 13 characters including: Wolf, Slobbernaut, Freaky Fullback, Aargh, Skunkvenger, Sushissasin, Skull Face, Slobulus, Dustbrain, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Sceamin’ Meemie, and Horn Head Ultra Rare
Each sold separately. Ages 4+, $7.99 each, Manufacturer: Just Play
On to our next product which is the Bunch O Balloons. Now these bunch of balloons will be a hit in every home. During the summer month my family and I love playing around with balloons, the bunch of balloons just adds a lot more fun because we can fill all these balloons at once. Now you can enjoy Bunch O Balloons in Minion style this summer  too.
Just fill your 100 Minion balloons in less than 60 seconds with water, your sensational self-tying, bio-degradable water balloons will be ready to splash your opponent within minutes. No more stressing about filling up individual balloons. Connect to a water hose, fill and make hundreds of water balloons in seconds. (SRP $9.99)
On to our next cool summer toy, this one will make any little girl smile. It’s called the Minnie’s Happy Helpers Pet Carrier .
With Minnie’s Happy Helpers Pet Carrier, kids can bring their furry friends along wherever they go!  This adorable pink carrier comes with Minnie Mouse’s plush kitty Figaro, and it features wheels and an extendable handle to make it easy to roll Figaro on to the next Happy Helpers mission! The set includes six purr-fect accessories for grooming and caring for your pet, including a 2-in-1 food and water bowl, pet brush, a play treat box, and a kitty collar with pop in charms that kids can also wear as a bracelet.
Cute pink carrier that comes with plush kitty Figaro. Recommended for ages 3+ SRP $24.99. It’s he perfect summer toy for your daughter, no matter if she is at home or headed to grandma’s house, she can carry along her cute Minnie’s Happy Helpers Pet Carrier.
Let’s keep it moving, next we have another favorite product I’m sure your daughter will love. Her name is Doc McStuffins Get Better Baby Cece Doll.
 If your little one is familiar with the Doc McStuffin TV series, I’m sure she knows about her little sister baby Cece. Baby Cece is a cute, cuddly doll that comes dressed in a cute plush outfit, has a pacifier that doubles as a play thermometer with scroll-through images that tell you how Baby CeCe is feeling, milk bottle, and play otoscope.
Cece needs your help to feel better! Use Doc’s baby nursery stethoscope, featuring fun Doc & Baby Cece sounds and the included otoscope, pacifier and milk bottle to help care for your new baby. Baby Cece is recommended for ages 3+, SRP $24.99.
You didn’t think we were finished, did you? Nope, not a chance, now we have the PJ Masks Mini Vehicle – Gekko
These cute little mini PJ Masks vehicles are so cute. If your kids are Disney watchers, I’m sure they have seen the PJ Mask show. The PJ Masks Mini Gekko-Mobile is full of free-wheeling hero fun! This miniature vehicle features Gekko inside his signature Gekko-Mobile.  The Gekko-Mobile’s chunky design is perfect for little hands to maneuver and so easy to roll toward the next PJ Masks adventure!
You son or daughter can collect all three Mini Vehicles including: Catboy in Cat-Car, Owlette in Owl Glider, and Gekko in Gekko-Mobile for triple the crime fighting action! Recommended for ages 3+.
We still have two more awesome summer toys to share. If you haven’t seen the Koosh balls, you’re really missing out. I love these balls and so do the kids.
These colorful, cool, balls are irresistible for sure!  They are very easy to pick up, but hard to put down just like you remember. Great for indoor & outdoor play, games, stress reliever, occupational therapy, party favors and lots of squeezable fun!  The 3″ balls come in an assortment of bright color combinations to choose from. Before long your children will be playing with the Koosh balls for hours. Recommended for ages 3+, SRP $3.99.
OK, we’ve come to the end of our last summer toy which is from the Shopkins collection called: Shopkins Kinstructions – Wave 3, Fans can “build” on the shopping-themed fun with Shopkins Kinstructions – multi-piece construction sets and mix-and-match figures that are compatible with all major construction brands.
The Deluxe Chef Club Academy is a buildable two-level culinary playset with over 430 pieces and accessories, including an exclusive season six character (SRP $34.99). Additional playsets include Scene Packs: Tiki Hut and Slumber Party, which come with five buildable Shopkins characters and over 180 pieces (SRP $19.99 each); Shopping Pack: Music Shop are perfect for stand-alone play or to add to a larger set for the ultimate Shopkins world with three buildable Shopkins figures and over 150 pieces and accessories (SRP $12.99 each); It’s the perfect set for your daughter. Her and her friends will have los of fun playing with the Shopkins collection.
Well, there you have it, a list of Awesome 2017 Summer toys that will keep your children entertained throughout the summer.
Remember you can visit each company’s site and see more products, and  don’t forget to connect with each one via social media.
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26 thoughts on “2017 Top Summer Cool Toys For Your Kids!! @JustPlay, @Zuru, @BridgeDirect, #summerguide

  • My daughter would love the Shopkins!

  • I love the bunch o balloons they make water balloon time so much easier and fun, but the madballs are neat

  • I remember Koosh and Mad balls from when I was a kid. My niece would love the Minnie’s Happy Helpers Pet Carrier.

  • Everything looks fun, but my son would love the Bunch of Balloons.

  • We have the PJ Masks car figurines and they love them! I got them for our April vacation to Florida. The only thing I wish were different with these, is that the figures could come out and be put back in. Other than that we are happy with them.

  • Super toys! Love the Minnie Happy Helpers Pet carrier toys!

  • The summer 2017 toys are adorable. Not quite sure if the Ugly Balls are so adorable Lol! The Mini PJ Masks are just the perfect toy~ My 3 yr old Great Grandson would love them. The Koosh Balls are awesome I know my youngest grandchild and most of my Great grandchildren (Over 3) would love them. Thankyou for this Wonderful Review..

  • I have seen the Bunch of Balloons before but the Minion tie in makes them even neater.

  • My daughter would LOVE the Shopkins Kinstructions kit! Its almost like leggos but you can actually build a community!

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