The Ways We Change: Signs Of Aging We Can All Relate To.

Our skin and body is always changing – but after we reach 25, it all seems to settle down: the skin becomes clearer and we get to say goodbye to those adolescent blemishes that have plagued us far longer than they should!… Wouldn’t we be so happy if we could just stay like that!  But wrinkles, dull skin and all the other annoying signs of aging begin to appear!

What changes and why? We’ve gathered all the changes you should prepare yourself for!

Although these changes might make you become more insecure about yourself, keeping your confidence and positive attitude is a must, after all, the aging process is inevitable so it’s far better to embrace it than to be ashamed of it.

The Skin

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Because your hormones are constantly changing in your 40s and 50s, it will have a huge impact on your skin. Small wrinkles start to appear under your eyes. While pulling an all-nighter or going out until 3am on a school night meant nothing to your skin before, now you can expect puffy eyes, dark circles and a drawn looking complexion. Throw a few wines in to the mix and the next day you are looking positively haggard! Your entire skin can become more sensitive and dull as it loses elasticity. Besides these signs appearing on your face, the loss of elasticity will slowly become visible on the whole body resulting in sagging and crepe looking skin – more yoga, vigorous exfoliation to keep the blood circulated and a nice rich moisturizer containing Collagen and Vitamin E all help.

On a positive note, everyone can most likely say goodbye to any past blemishes or acne scars that still remained after reaching 40. The skin on our face won’t have its ups and downs that often, and instead of being combination, acne prone or oily, it may become a bit more sensitive. What You Can Do: Use lots of sunscreen, always cleanse and remove any makeup before bed and use a night serum or intensive moisturizer.  An illuminating foundation, BB crème and tinted sun screen are all great for giving a natural glow. For special occasions, nourishing body oils will help get back that glow on your arms, necks, legs and chest area. Hands can be particularly sensitive, so use hand masks once a week to keep them soft. Working out will also help your skin and body stay toned. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins.

The Hair

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The first thing that springs to mind with effects of aging on our hair is definitely losing its color and becoming grey, but that’s something you probably experienced around your 30s as well. Unfortunately, the list of changes is a bit longer than simply getting grey hair. Just like our skin, the hair will become more vulnerable thanks to the loss of fatty acids and a keratin protein, which means it will be less shiny as well. The hair will grow slower and become finer and more brittle throughout the years. Of course, these signs of aging don’t happen all at once, it’s a gradual decline and some unfortunate people tend to notice a more rapid decline than others. If you still have Rapunzel-like hair, we salute you! With the right care, you can keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny. What You Can Do:  You may wish to chop your locks, to a shorter more manageable mane, this can mean that your hair doesn’t get so dry and therefore looks healthier.  To keep your locks hydrated and nourished, use a leave-in conditioner or a keratin infused oil every day. You could also take hair vitamins infused with omega3 and Biotin. It is advisable to leave chemical, heat styling and hair coloring to a minimum.

The Teeth

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You might have realized that your bottom and upper teeth started to shift and the bottom teeth have become a bit longer.  This is due to gum erosion. Dr. Apa describes this by the fact that with increasing pressures on the teeth throughout the years, they can easily get out of balance. Keeping a good dental hygiene routine with daily flossing and brushing is essential as are 6 monthly checks with your dentist.

The teeth will also lose their white sheen, this is a natural side effect of aging but it can be exacerbated with the consumption of dark liquids and smoking,

What you can do: Be a bit more selective with drinks and personal habits. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking Red wines etc or try occasional teeth whitening. It’s a good idea to consult your dentist about this first but this is a great way to ensure your smile is white and gorgeous.


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