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Building your backyard oasis can be easy with inflatable pools!

Summer’s warmth is an invitation to relax with family and friends. Fortunately, building your backyard oasis can be easy with inflatable pools.

These days inflatable pools of different sizes are quite affordable. Instead of sinking thousands into a permanent pool, a budget can be directed to upgrading the backyard oasis with new furniture and appealing decor. It’s simple to find inflatable pools that fit any backyard area.

Setting up an inflatable pool is a relatively quick process. Instead of waiting around for a pricy contractor, the entire family can be swimming in no time. Also, inflatable pools are straightforward to maintain throughout the season. Pool covers and filter pumps assist with keeping pools in prime condition for the summer.

Start with a larger pool for the whole family. Time in the water is a good chance for everyone to catch up on the day’s events and cool off. A daily swim is a helpful stress reliever too. Pool floats for adults like chairs and loungers are nice additions for unwinding. Station small tables or racks outside the pool for towels and sunglasses.

Keep Kids Swimming

In addition to a main pool, consider additional ones of different sizes. A smaller pool for children allows them to splash and exercise. They’ll adore the colors and shapes of the kid-sized inflatable pools. A larger one for older children gives them room to swim and play with their friends. Teens may appreciate having a separate area for conversation and lounging.

Provide an array of pool toys for each pool. Noodles, rings and hoops are summer favorites. Inflatable animals can grace a pool as well. A cute swan for the water is recommended by Design*Sponge. Turtles, ducks and even sea serpents can be fun for everyone. The entire family can collaborate on games and challenges for the pool.

Groupings of chairs and loungers nearby allow for a quick break from the water. A hammock is delightful for napping or reading. Put up a canopy or tent for areas of shade, especially in the hotter weeks. A poolside cabana can be a perfect escape, according to Southern Living.

Entertaining with the Water

For a little diversity during parties, give the inflatable pool themes on different weeks. Use potted trees and plants to set up a beach theme. Add colorful floral leis and tall torches for decoration. Sports fans can decorate with their favorite team’s colors and host a cookout.

Set up the grill at a safe distance from the water. Add slow cookers for delicious side dishes like barbecue baked beans or baked potatoes. Have a snack station with a cooler for drinks within a few feet of the pool. Trays and recyclable plates make cleanup quick so everyone can hop back into the pool.

For music, encourage family and friends to bring along their favorite tunes. Arrange speakers so swimmers can hear them. A phone or music player can act as DJ while everyone enjoys the water.

Guests may need extra provisions.
• Set out buckets with spare bottles of sunscreen and sunglasses.
• Spare towels are always good to have on hand.
• Keep child guests occupied with a selection of toys and activities.

Having a great time with family and friends doesn’t have to be costly. Use these tips to build your backyard oasis with inflatable pools.



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Bob Quigly is a landscaping and family fun enthusiast who writes on a variety of blogs about different inflatable pools at Backyard Ocean and above ground pool pumps for swimming pool covers.


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