Steps to Getting a Home on the Market

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Selling a home is no small feat. Moving alone can cause total chaos in your life, and adding a home sale to the mix can get overwhelming. It helps to know how the process works and where to turn for professional help.

Get All of the Legalities in Line

Before you can sell a property you need to have all of the legal matters in line. The last thing you want is to get a few weeks away from close only to realize there’s a forgotten line on the property or a fence line that’s on a public easement.

If you have undeveloped property or an adjacent lot it could be a good idea to get a survey. If you’re looking for a land surveyor St. Louis local Cochran Engineering regularly helps developers get their property ready for sale. Their experts note that in some areas a seller needs to provide a survey as a stipulation of the sale. Additionally, a survey can help you determine the highest possible value for the land.

You’ll also need to get paperwork lined up. Start gathering all documents related to the property and your mortgage if there’s a loan on the property.

Interview Real Estate Agents

The best resource you’ll have throughout the home selling process is your listing agent. A listing agent doesn’t just list your home for sale. They can help you find reliable contractors and prepare for putting the home on the market.

Selecting a real estate agent is a big decision. Start by asking friends and family for a referral. Narrow it down to the top three or four and have an interview at the property with each one. Credentials are important, but ideally, you’ll find a real estate agent who’s done recent deals in your neighborhood and knows the area well.

Have a Market Value Discussion

Once you’ve selected an agent it’s time to talk numbers. The agent should provide three or more comparable. A comparable is a similar home in the immediate area that has recently sold. Comparables tell you want buyers are willing to pay and how quickly homes are selling.

Getting the listing price right is critical. If you overprice the home you run the risk of missing out on potential buyers and the home sitting on the market for months. After enough time you’ll be forced to drop the price or accept whatever offer you can get.

Get the House Ready for Sale

Now that you have a better idea of the market value, it’s time to make your home more attractive to buyers so you can get top dollar. Your real estate agent should provide guidance on what improvements will attract the most buyers without over-improving the property.

Every home will have its own unique listing checklist, but there are two things every seller needs to do:

  • Make repairs. Obvious repairs are going to turn off buyers and make them question the condition of the house. Plus, the buyer will likely ask for the repairs after an inspection so you might as well make the fixes.
  • Get things squeaky clean. An unkempt or cluttered home will turn off every buyer that walks through the door.

Have a Professional Photo Shoot

The importance of great looking photos can’t be overestimated. Photos are the first step to winning over potential buyers. The majority will decide if they want to go see a home in person strictly based off of the photos they see online.

A professional photographer won’t be cheap, but what you get is well worth the investment. Professional photos can help a home sell faster and for money. They capture the very best angles in high-definition with wide-angle lenses. The photographer will also be able to use editing tricks to make sure the lighting is perfect.

If you follow the steps above it shouldn’t take too long to get a solid offer. Your listing agent will help you during the negotiations to ensure you get the best deal possible. From there they’ll help you navigate through the inspections, appraisal and closing process. With any luck, you’ll be at the closing table in a little more than a month.



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