Cabin Fever? The Complete To-Do List For Throwing a Backyard Barbeque Bash

After a long, dark winter, the anticipation of warmer weather can feel almost unbearable. But when the days feel longer and watermelons seem to proliferate in supermarkets, it’s clear that summer is well on the way. When you’re ready to light your fire pit and dust off your patio furniture cushions, consider kicking the summer off with a backyard barbeque party.


Plan a menu of BBQ-friendly recipes

While burgers and hot dogs are solid crowd-pleasers, it’s easy to get stuck making the same old familiar recipes on your grill. When you’re planning your barbeque, consider reaching outside of your comfort zone for a unique menu. For seafood lovers, pineapple shrimp skewers and grilled lemon salmon can be delicious options. Or, if you’re a traditional meat-lover, give meatloaf burgers and Asian-inspired chicken a go. With an increasingly large number of people swapping regular protein for veggie options, tofu skewers and Mexican street corn will satiate diet-restricted party attendees. Why not bake your own pizza in a portable oven set up on a pizza oven cart, giving yet another option for your outdoors party? 

Of course, every natural-born host or hostess needs a high-quality grill from premium outdoor shops like Palm Beach Grill Center to prepare cookout-ready dishes. Once you’re well-equipped with superior equipment and first-rate grill accessories, you can throw the barbeque party of your dreams.

Keep enough propane or charcoal on hand

Any fantastic barbeque bash can easily stall out if you run out of propane or charcoal halfway through. Not only will your half-cooked dishes be unusable or rubbery, but a store run also means missing out on the fun. Instead of keeping hungry guests waiting as you dash to the store, double-check to make sure you have enough fuel to last well through the night. By stocking up on propane tanks and charcoal, your burgers are sure to be robust and juicy and your guests well-fed and content.

Turn your party into a potluck

Hosting any party means prepping and cooking up an abundance of dishes to feed a wide variety of appetites. However, if your guest list is particularly long, consider turning your barbeque into a potluck. Dedicate your kitchen and grill to preparing the entrée options and ask your partygoers to bring side dishes and desserts. Many of your guests will relish the opportunity to show off their favorite recipes, and you’ll be able to concentrate on preparing the perfect party.

Invest in yard games

While you’re cooking up a storm, keep your guests occupied with some classic summer yard games. Though some of your party goers may be content to socialize, others might prefer more entertaining distractions. Arranging outdoor activities like cornhole and horseshoes can provide adults and children alike with the opportunity for some casual, friendly competition. For those unbearably hot summer nights, ask parents to pack their children’s swimsuits and set up a sprinkler or kiddie pool in the grass.

Curate the perfect summer playlist

Every memorable party has a great soundtrack. Whether you choose from a pre-made playlist or create your own, the right songs can create the perfect ambiance for your party. Choose popular tunes everyone can bob their head to, and make sure to keep it family-friendly if children will be in attendance. 

If you have the time, consider making two playlists. At the beginning of the night, you’ll likely want to play music that keeps the mood bright and upbeat. However, as the patio lights come on and people begin to gather around a cozy fire pit, play a more relaxed mix of songs to fit the leisurely atmosphere.

The bottom line

Beginning your summer with a lively and entertaining barbeque party can set you and your guests up for an exciting, fun-filled summer. With flavorful food and pleasant company, you’ll create a memorable evening for all of your partygoers.



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