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The best dining tables for all living spaces

With the kitchen thought as the heart of the home, the dining table isn’t far behind it. But, finding the right table for you can sometimes be tricky, with places such as Heal’s stocking a wide range, we’ve outlined the best styles to choose depending on the space in your home below.

Large space

If you have a large dining room, or a huge dining room and kitchen combined, chances are, you’ll have a sizeable budget to go along with this. If this is the case the world really is your oyster when it comes to purchasing a new dining table.

Throughout the dining tables out there you’ll find ones perfectly made for these types of spaces. From dark to light wood and bulky to narrow designs, there’s more selection out there than you’ll have realized. For these types of spaces, however, it’s probably best to go for long rectangle shapes, as they’ll elongate the room without taking up too much of the central space. Also, with this kind of space the bigger the better, with some tables able to fit eight to 10 people at them no problem.

Small space

It’ll come as no shock that homes across the UK are thought to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go on. Alongside this, more and more people are now living in apartments too, especially in cities, where new tower blocks pop up almost weekly.

If you’re someone living in a smaller home or apartment, you and those you live with don’t have to lose the communal theme of a dining table, instead opting to eat on the sofa. If you live in a scenario like this, there are plenty of tables to choose from, with smaller, square designs being perfect as they can slot into corners with ease. Small round tables also work, but should only be used if you have a maximum of two chairs, otherwise, the living spaces could feel overwhelmed by the surrounding chairs.

Open plan

Whether you have a large home or a small space to put your table, many homes out there have open-plan settings. For these scenarios, the above options still stand, however, smaller spaces could also use a small rectangle table as it won’t clog up the space too much.

However, the best option would be a dining table with a bench. Benches not only add a unique look and offer more space around the table, but slide under easily to create more space, and don’t dominate the space like a chair does, keeping the room looking neat and minimalist all at the same time.

So, if you need a new dining table and you’re worried about your space, now you know what you need to do.



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