FLARE: Easy and intelligent home security FLARE® is a complete Home Security System in a single device, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve seen many Home Security Systems but nothing like the BuddyGuard’s FLARE® system. I can hear you asking, Lisa what is this Buddy Guard FLARE® system, well let me make this simple so you can understand this system?


The BuddyGuard is a small, intelligent device that will protect your home at all hours of the day. Equipped with awesome Intelligentence, BuddyGuard’s FLARE® analyzes every sound, image and situation before it takes actions accordingly. Thanks to face and voice recognition plus audio interpretation, FLARE® can distinguish welcome guests from unwanted visitors. It uses a unique algorithm to detect the norms of your home. Upon noticing a change from the norm, it notifies your mobile device.

Now you have to agree with me, this is one awesome security system for your home! The features are phenomenal, this system will protect you and your home all by itself. The BuddyGuard will easily self-manage all your home safety-related endeavors, being a self-managing device: you will no longer have to worry about monitoring or any alarm codes anymore.

The system reminds me so much of a smoke detector due to the size but trust me it’s by far anything related to a smoke detector. The FLARE® is again a voice-activated system and it possess a 1080p clear camera, microphone, speaker and siren. If you ever leave without activating the FLARE®, it will automatically sense you’re away and activate on its own. Now tell me that it’s cool knowing that a system like this is still making sure your home is safe even when you’ve forgotten to activate!


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) your home will definitely be safe. With its ever-evolving AI, FLARE® system understands what’s going on: It can even take smart decisions to protect your home all on its own. Thanks to the PrivacyGuard™, FLARE® will cover its lens when you’re at home to respect your privacy…..look at technology!!

Another awesome feature on this compact device is that of detecting suspicious activities, it imitates typical household sounds through its loudspeaker. These mocking sounds will trick intruders, giving off impression as if someone is present inside the house. WOW, just wow! I’m beyond impressed with the BuddyGuard  FLARE® features so much so I’m investing in not one but three, one for me, my son and daughters home !



If you’re worried about installation don’t be, it takes under 10 minutes to install the FLARE® and it can be placed in any room of your home. It’s very simply, just attach to the wall, download the BuddyGuard App and VIOLA your home is now secured. No costly technical assistance required.

FLARE® is entirely wirelessly since it connects via Wi-Fi and yes even to your cellular networks. It operates on a powerful lithium-ion battery and thanks to the rechargeable battery and the 4G LTE back-up, FLARE® is prepared for every situation. Whether you are living in a rented apartment or a house your own, FLARE® is the perfect security system for every home

FLARE® is also Pet friendly: Let your pets roam freely at home: You won’t be bothered with notifications constantly. Smart control: Use your face, voice or the location of your smartphone to control FLARE®, for example to activate and deactivate the device.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Flare is finally launched and can be ordered  on IndieGoGo for $349 per device, shipping worldwide in November.

You can visits IndieGoGo to see more pricing details on more than one FLARE® system.


Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored post and this is my opinions about the new BuddyGuard  FLARE®.


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  • July 21, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    I think the FLARE: Easy and intelligent home security is genius! Gotta have one! Thank you for sharing.


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