Benefits of Online Piano Lessons for Kids

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I’m Sophie, and I want to talk about one of my favorite activities – playing the piano! Know more about how playing music instruments can improve cognitive abilities in this site here. When I was a kid a very long time ago, my mom enrolled me in singing, guitar, dance, ballet, and piano lessons. I even learned to play the flute and drums for a little while. When I was in high school, I was assigned the xylophone in our local band because most of the guys didn’t know how to play the instrument.

The thing is, the piano is still my favorite after all those lessons, and the good feeling while playing it never left me until I graduated from university. I was excited when I got a daughter, and I also signed her up for piano lessons. I was over the moon when she enrolled!

It’s a given that we can’t do face-to-face nowadays, so I found her an online instructor and the lessons are going on the first day of next month, so I’m thrilled!

Why I Signed up my Kid to Piano Lessons

I’m very passionate when it comes to music. But I found out that there are lessons that music can teach that can help a kid become successful in the future. Learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of dedication and focus. These are the other benefits that I hope my daughter Rose will learn throughout the process.

  1. Children Learn Better How to Concentrate and Persevere

It takes courage to sit on the piano every single day. I know that my kid will learn the value of hard work, discipline, patience, and focus. Most people know that it’s only the first step that is difficult when trying new things. The rest will be easy after they beat the first part.

I know that the more opportunities I give to Rose to push herself in mastering a difficult piece, the more she will persevere in other areas of her life. If she doesn’t give up, graduating will be an easy feat. She can learn to sit down on the piano bench, do the work, and get the skills that benefit her for the rest of her life.

  1. It Enhances Creativity, Listening, Reading, and Speech Abilities

The list of improving creativity, reading, listening, and speech abilities is very encouraging for me. I’ve done a bit of research on how music improved the kids’ cognitive abilities. I could go on and on about what the scientists have found, but the point is many children were helped by music. I can’t tell all about it here since I’m not a science expert, but you can see for yourself how your kid will develop into an amazing person in the process.

Even if your child only takes the lessons in a space of a month, you may already see the benefits that he is gaining. My mom used to tell me how I became more interested in learning complicated words since I started my lessons when I was still small. Learning how to play an instrument can be compared to studying a different language. It makes sense that some parts of the central nervous system will be triggered in the process.

  1. Doing Public Performance Builds up Confidence

In the past, many piano lessons resulted in a public recital, and this included our piano class. Nowadays, since most of the education comes from online piano lessons for kids, you can expect a live performance that can be watched by millions of people all over the globe. What’s best is that some of the platforms record these recitals, and they can be viewed by anyone interested in enrolling in a piano masterclass.

Your kid will have more positive self-esteem when he knows that he performed well before a public audience. You can start to appreciate the glow in their faces the first time they could play the whole sheet of Beethoven or Liszt without missing a note. Most people can conquer their fear of speaking to the public because they took piano lessons. I really hope that my daughter Rose will be the same too.

  1. Learning to Play is a very Amazing Skill

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Most of the time, people only focus on their children’s improved cognitive skills when they are playing the piano. However, it’s also worth mentioning that pushing the keys with different tones can also be an amazing hobby. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to read musical notes and watch my hands produce an amazing sound. My parents used to listen to my playing in the early evening, and I believed that I was able to provide them with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

I Started Searching for the Right Platform

Since I already have an idea about the benefits, I wanted to find a selection of courses that are ideal for Rose’s age. I wanted her to start at a beginner level, where she can learn the basics. Learning the basics further can also be found on this page here:

Most of the time, I checked those that have weekly online sessions and lessons which are self-paced. I tried demos and discovered that some are actually using AI to guide kids like that of an actual teacher. Of course, real guidance from a master pianist is still a must, but the AI can offer 24/7 support when my daughter decides that she wanted to learn something today, and the teacher is not available.

Some websites help kids grasp what’s written on the music sheets. Others provide proper education about music, and the kids will have a strong understanding of how the piano really works. Guided practice, improved lessons, and games are what I’m after. I just want my kid to have fun and learn at the same time.

I also ask my friends and family members about their recommendations. Some of them gave excellent tips, but I did my own research to make sure that I get to enroll my kid in a beneficial class. I wanted Rose to get a trained coach, and I’m hoping that she’ll learn quickly and become a great pianist someday.


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