What’s the Best Type of Mattress for Back-Sleepers?

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According to recent studies conducted by sleep scientists, back sleeping is the second most popular sleeping position after side sleeping. As a side sleeper, finding an ideal mattress could be more daunting than initially planned. When shopping, you’ll need to select a mattress type that will not only promote proper spine alignment but provide a comfortable sleeping experience without tossing and turning, as well. 

With today’s hectic lifestyles that demand high productivity, it’s essential to get the recommended amount of sleep each night to improve your overall health. While the best mattress for you will depend on your individual sleep needs, most experts recommend a memory foam mattress as a universal sleep solution for those restless sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses are well-regarded in the sleep scientist community due to its elastic nature and innovative foam layers that can conform to your unique body shape. That said, here is what every back sleeper should know about choosing the right mattress that caters to their sleep style and works to improve their quality of sleep. 

My Essentia collections for back sleepers

Generally speaking, all sleepers need a mattress that can optimize sleep, enhance proper posture, cool the body, maintain an allergy-friendly state, and even accelerate healing after sustaining muscle tears, joint damage, or breaks. The good news is that mattress companies like Essentia (myessentia.com) fulfill these requirements while cushioning your body with plush memory foam so you can sleep soundly all night long. Most importantly, each of their mattress categories, such as the lifestyle category, features allergy-friendly, organically healthy models that promote healthy sleep.

According to real-life customers, these state-of-the-art Essentia memory foam mattresses offer a sense of comfort, unlike any other mattress brand. Leading independent consumer publications rate their lifestyle collection as a top sleep solution. The Tatami Hybrid model, specifically, is the most trending mattress in the market–meaning you can rest assured knowing you’re sleeping on one of the most well-reputed mattresses in the industry. Besides its lower price, the Tatami mattress offers superior comfort without the need for an additional topper. 

Unlike other memory foam mattresses on the market stuffed with harsh chemicals and irritants, these memory foam beds contain Hevea milk, essential oils, coneflower, grapefruit seed, jasmine essence, and milky white sap from the rubber tree. Essentia designers also incorporate water and plant extracts into their collections for an all-natural feel. If you’re a back sleeper, this memory foam mattress, in particular, could be the mattress of your dreams.

Choosing the right mattress for back sleepers

Typically, when you sleep on your back, you make natural alignment easier for your body-neck, spine, and head. While this sleeping position doesn’t strain your shoulder like side sleeping, you’ll still need a mattress that provides substantial support to keep the body consistently well-aligned throughout the night. 

Note that back sleeping isn’t a fool-proof solution to soothing muscle pain. Keep in mind that back sleeping can cause severe back pain if your mattress lacks these essential supportive features. To ensure you receive the support you need, you should also consider choosing a mattress with optimal firmness. A firmer mattress can promote healing for sleepers with chronic back pain, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

As a back sleeper, picking a bed with just enough softness is an excellent way to achieve lower back support and pressure point relief. As your mattress reduces pressure points, it conforms to the natural curvature of your body. 

For additional relief, back sleepers should assess the cooling properties of a mattress before purchase. Some beds can promote cooling better than other models, depending on their construction and material. It’s vital to avoid mattress types that can trap heat, as they exacerbate feelings of discomfort, leading to disruptive tossing and turning. 

While the medium and medium-firm mattress can be ideal, it’s essential to note that definitions of support and firmness for back sleepers vary from one person to another based on weight, personal preference, body type, and sleep style. 

Memory foam mattress benefits

Because of its exclusive features, the memory foam mattress has gained recent popularity in the sleep-solutions market. As a result, many physicians and chiropractors recommend memory foam mattresses to their patients, as it can improve blood circulation, reduce pressure points, and provide good-quality sleep to its users. 

Because the memory foam mattress molds to every curve of your body, not a single muscle will remain unsupported. For optimal comfort, the memory foam mattress comprises a heat-sensitive and soft material built from polyurethane.

The most notable feature of memory foam mattress is its ability to retain its normal shape when pressure is not applied. Unlike the traditional spring mattresses, a memory foam mattress can form to your body then bounce back into its standard shape once you remove the pressure.

Because memory form can redistribute body weight,  your back, shoulders, knees, legs, and neck will feel supported, keeping a sleeper comfortable throughout the night. Another prominent feature is that it responds to your body temperature and adjusts accordingly to enhance comfort based on your body contours. A memory foam mattress also helps reduce spinal pressure and improves your blood circulation for any back sleeper.


While experts name back sleeping as the healthiest sleeping position, back sleepers aren’t exempt from well-researched mattress shopping. When searching for your ideal mattress, consider the factors above for ultimate pain relief. 


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