Why creating a sleep haven for your little one means more sleep for you!

From the second you hold your brand-new, snuggly, sweet-smelling baby in your arms, you’re hooked. Pretty soon you’re also desperate for ways to recreate that first peaceful moment because a crying baby is no fun at all.

Sleep troubles seem to be a way of life when you’re a new parent, but creating the perfect sleep sanctuary could be your ticket to a happy, healthy baby who gets the rest she needs.

Bonus: You’ll get some sleep too. Can we get a high five? (Just kidding, we know you don’t have any free hands.)

Instead of cluttering up your nursery with high-tech gizmos that don’t actually do much, use this checklist to set up a sleep space that really works.

Designing a sleep focused nursery 

For now, your little one’s bedroom shouldn’t double as a playground, a reading room or anything else. Create a strong association between nursery and bedtime, and just walking in there will serve as a cue that it’s time to crash.

  1. Keep it simple – Marie Kondo style!
  • Cluttered spaces are decidedly un-Zen. Studies have shown a link between messy bedrooms and sleep disorders, and your baby is never too young to learn good habits.
  • Focus on functionality rather than an overflow of knickknacks—these space-saving tips might help.

  1. Bring the Zen into their space
  • It’s tempting to spring for a whirling mobile and deck your kiddo’s nursery out in bright, fun colors, but all that amounts to a ton of stimulation — the opposite of what you want in a sleep sanctuary.
  • Stick to subdued hues that are proven to calm and relax, such as gray-blues, soft greens, pale purples, dusty pinks, and creamy neutrals in the white and off-white palates.
  1. Get your inner spa music playing
  • Chances are you’re not playing brass band soundtracks as a nightly wind-down, but did you know that a white noise machine may be more effective than total silence?
  • The comforting, continuous whoosh of ocean waves or rainfall mimics the sounds baby heard in the womb and helps drown out traffic and neighborhood riff raff too.
  1. Mimic night time
  • Help baby understand the difference between daytime (all the cooing, snacking and adorable lopsided grins) and nighttime (all the Zzz’s in la-la land) with blackout curtains that keep streetlights and early morning sunshine at bay.
  1. Keep an eye on the thermostat
  • An overheated baby won’t sleep better. In fact, a nursery that’s too hot can increase the risk of SIDS. Experts recommend keeping your little one’s nursery between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can also check baby’s stomach or head to see if she feels sweaty. Though it may be easier to reach your baby’s hands and feet, infants often have cooler extremities, so what you feel may not be an accurate indicator.

Creating this peaceful space for baby will encourage more peaceful sleep. Add an extra dose of serenity by using gently weighted Sleepwear every time baby is in her crib to mimic the soothing, comforting nature of your touch. The result? Super-cute gear that helps babies fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and snooze more peacefully in just one to three nights.


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