5 Unique ways to preserve wedding flowers

A wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. This is a special day for you and your partner, so everything has to be perfect. It is mostly seen that Couples preserve their wedding dresses as a souvenir of their big day. But did you know you can preserve your flowers too?

Yes, you heard that right!

Recently I came across many brides who wanted to preserve their wedding flowers into something they can be kept for as a memory. And why not? These flowers are a symbol of love, commitment, and belongingness. And it must be transformed into something precious that takes them down memory lane every time they look at it.

“So, I came up with this. If you too are someone who is looking to preserve your flowers, check out these 5 unique ways to do it, especially if they are flowers acquired from flower delivery calgary:

  1. Frame the flowers

What better way to show off the beauty of your wedding bouquet than by having it on the wall in a frame? Without an argument, this is the easiest and most creative way to preserve your precious wedding flowers. You can even press your wedding bouquet at home, by yourself.

Take your bouquet and let it dry for a few days. Then, cut the excess and put it between a heavy book. Make sure you put wax paper between both the pages, so the color doesn’t stain on the pages. Close the book and put a heavy vase or any object above it. Keep it like this until the flowers are flat and dry.

Now comes the best part, take a folding glass frame and arrange the flowers exactly how you want them. Hang it in your bedroom or living room and you’re done. 

  1. Make a small necklace

There’s nothing more beautiful than wanting to keep these flowers close to you forever. And if you are a sincere believer in this, you will love this idea.

You can make a small pendant necklace out of your bouquet. You can take out a few petals and leaves and preserve them in a necklace.

This is the most intimate way you can save the memories of your big day into a small terrarium and keep it close to your heart. Always & Forever.

  1. Keepsake resin

This is one of the most preferred ways for newlyweds couples these days to preserve their wedding flowers. And for all the good reasons, you can save all your flowers, that too in a variety of options. You can turn it into a paperweight, resin tray, resin palette anything you like.

My personal favorite till now is the one where you keep preserved roses in resin with both of the couple’s initials. You can definitely try it out and I assure you it’s going to melt your heart.

  1. Preserve in Christmas ornaments

A quirky way to preserve your wedding flowers is to keep them in Christmas ornaments. It makes them look oh-so-admirable.

Not only that, Christmas comes once every year. This can be a very heart-warming way to go back to your memories and enjoy it together with a cup of hot chocolate.

You can share the fun, the laughter and make it a good tradition to tell this story every year to your kids and grandkids and their grandkids. Sounds cute right?

  1. Get it painted

I know it might be a possibility that your flowers get lost or get distorted before preserving them. But don’t worry? Because you can still preserve it. When you get the pictures from your wedding, commission an artist to paint the exact replica of the bouquet.

And trust me, once it’s done, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. You can decorate it how you want to. But wherever you do, it’s going to make you stop and stare.

Over to you…

Preserving souvenirs from your wedding is one of the most wholesome things you can do to remember your big night.

Not only that, it is a remembrance to appreciate your love, and how far you have come in this journey together. It will be an inspiration for your future generations to find a love like this.

After all, they should know, Diamonds aren’t the only things that last forever, love does too!



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