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Mothers day is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have waited until the last-minute to find that perfect gift. Well look no farther, I’ve found the perfect site for any one who loves to cook. The Spice Lab has all kinds of exotic spices for anything meal on your list. I love using all kinds of spices when cooking. I tried just a couple of the products the Spice lab had to offer. I know if I had all the money in the world I would more than likely buy out this entire site.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for mom, I have an idea. One of the Spice Labs wonderfully blended Gourmet Tea Collections. They are absolutely beautiful! I have tried nearly all of the blends in my set and have yet to find one I didn’t care for. They spell amazing. I love that i can use my steeper with the same tea in it 3-4 times before I need more.

480wideBuilding on the popularity and market success of their award-winning Gourmet Sea Salt Collections, The Spice Lab has created three Gourmet Tea Collections, featuring Infused Teas, Asian Teas and British Teas. Each Collection includes 11 or 12 test tubes featuring unique teas from around the world.

The Pyrex tubes with all natural cork stoppers are attractively displayed in a wooden base crafted from reclaimed Colorado pine or sustainable bamboo. Each tube holds enough to make two to three pots of tea. Reference cards on each tea and brewing instructions are included.

The Tea Collections were named a finalist in the Best New Products, Gourmet Accessories category at the 2014 Summer NY NOW gift show. Some of the other numerous accolades The Spice Lab’s Gift Collections have earned include a sofi Silver Award from the Specialty Food Association and Scovie Awards for Outstanding Food Gifts. They have been featured in numerous magazines including PEOPLE and leading “The O List” in O, Oprah Magazine.

Olive Oil Dipping Herbs and Blends. Mix these premium spaces with your favorite oil to quickly create unique, flavorful dipping oils ideal with artisan breads. Add balsamic or wine vinegar with the oil to make tasty vinaigrette for salad dressing or as a marinade. Sprinkle seasoning on cooked vegetables are grilled meats. Mix with flour to bread cutlets or chops. It’s a packet bursting with flavor and was cooking possibilities. Just $3.95 each or $17.95 for selection of six.

olive-oils2-lRosemary Garlic Blend

The pungent flavors of rosemary and garlic are complemented with hints of onion, red bell pepper and lemon peel. Paprika and sea salt finish this palate pleaser.

Italian Parmesan Romano

Parmesan and romano cheese pair perfectly for a sharp piquant taste with notes of garlic and onion – a classic cheese blend. A must for pasta dishes.

Italian Spicy Roasted Garlic

Smoky, roasted garlic and classic Italian spices, spiked with crushed red pepper create this spicy puttanesca-style blend.

Italian Spicy Sun Dried Tomato

Bursting with zesty Italian spices, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, peppers, green onion and more – a tasty mix further flavored with sesame seeds and lemon peel.

Sun Dried Tomato Parmesan

Sharp piquant parmesan and sweet, sun-dried tomato with hints of garlic create a flavorful blend. Sprinkle on pasta.

Mediterranean Citrus Herb Blend

Lemon and orange peel gives this blend its fresh citrus flavor. Try as a seasoning for fish or seafood. Great dipping oil for crusty Italian bread.

French Onion Garlic Blend

A classic combo of pungent onion and garlic with colorful green flakes of chives – excellent to flavor butter or oil. Mix with sour cream for a tasty dip for vegetables or chips.


Are you a bacon lover? Want to kick up that bacon a notch? Try the Spice Labs Bacon Rubs. Perfect for any bacon lover in your life. One of the best collections of Specialty Seasoning available today. A sweet and spicy mix of brown sugar and spices transforms store-bought bacon or Spiral Ham into a caramelized gourmet treat. Each 8 oz. bag contains enough rub for 4 to 6 lbs of bacon.

Available in four unique blends:

Asian Sesame Sweet & Spicy – With brown sugar, Asian peppers, sesame seeds and spices

Country Style Pepper – A down home taste of brown sugar, pepper, rosemary and spices

Caribbean Island Jerk– A tropical touch with brown sugar, allspice, chili pepper and spices

New Orleans Cajun – A bayou mix of brown sugar, cayenne, paprika and other spices

It’s the perfect pairing of sweet and heat for the best tasting bacon ever,” says Brett Cramer, co-founder of The Spice Lab. “These bacon rubs are a great addition to our extensive line of gourmet sea salts and spices. We plan to continue to expand with other creative seasoning options.”


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