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4 Flexible Degree Programs for Working Adults

According to The Conference Board’s latest survey, only 51 percent of American employees report overall satisfaction with their job. Many workers feel discouraged by their current career’s professional development potential, causing them to consider switching career paths or turn to higher education. More and more adults are pursuing degrees, with nearly one million adults taking online classes in 2016.

Whether you’re looking to change career paths or expand your knowledge in your current field, finding a degree program that matches your needs as a working adult can seem overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some flexible degree program options for working adults.

Court reporting

Court reporters play an important role in the court process by transcribing spoken or recorded speech into written form. There are a number of potential career paths to explore within the field, and court reporting programs are offered in a variety of institutions from community colleges to court reporting schools. Court reporting programs are ideal for working adults with some previous legal experience who want to open the door to new career options.

Depending on the institution, a court reporting program may involve pursuing an associate’s degree or a professional diploma. Before beginning your career as a court reporter, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your state’s standards. For instance, court reporting in Florida does not require a state-issued license, but students must pass the Florida Court Reporters Association’s professional certification program.

Automotive technology

Career opportunities are growing in the automobile industry, making automotive, diesel and collision repair academic programs another great degree option for working adults looking to change their career path.

Automotive technology programs typically take three semesters to complete and teach students how to repair and refinish damaged automobiles. After completing the program, you’ll be prepared for ASE Automotive Certification and Collision Repair Certification. In addition to certification, students are shown how to perform a multitude of diagnostic tasks and service the latest vehicles.

All in all, automotive technology programs are ideal for anyone interested in the industry looking to expand their career potential. And a degree in automotive technology essentially guarantees a job in the field.


Pursuing a business degree is the perfect way to expand your career options. Business degrees provide you with real-world knowledge that can prepare you for a diverse range of careers, from managerial positions in your current company to a personal financial advisor.

Working adults have the option of obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree through online degree programs. Most online degree programs offer accelerated or condensed course options, allowing students to complete their degree in as little as a few semesters. For the greatest amount of flexibility, look into finding a self-paced business program that will allow you to speed through or slow down as you see necessary.

Computer technology

Computer scientists make an average of about $87,000 a year with a projected job growth rate of nearly 12 percent. As a result, computer technology is becoming an increasingly popular degree program and is a great degree choice for working adults looking to go back to school.

Typically, a bachelor’s in the field involves courses well-suited for online learning, such as networking, database management, and information technology. While pursuing a degree in computer technology, students can choose courses specializing in their field of interest. Since computer technology is a broad subject, a degree qualifies you for many positions in the tech field.

Regardless of whether you want to reach the next step in your career or change career paths, there are a multitude of flexible degree options for working adults.



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