9 Incredible Job Opportunities for Moms Returning to the Workforce

After being a stay-at-home mom, it can be scary and challenging to get back in the workforce. You’re still caring for your children, so you need something flexible that works with your schedule. Many moms decide to head back to work, whether it’s for personal career goals or to bring in extra income for the family.

With so many jobs requiring a certain skill set, you might think there’s nothing out there for you. However, not only are there plenty of options to help you go back to school as a mom, there are also plenty of jobs that would gladly have you!  You juggled caring for children amid a pandemic, helping them with school as an interim teacher, cleaning up after their messes and still being there to support them. 

One of the top priorities for anyone entering the workforce is that the job is flexible, so businesses need to cater to those demands, which means you should have an easy time finding something that works for you. No matter your work experience, what you do have shouldn’t hold you back from returning to work. Remember that a lot of jobs require on-the-job training anyways. 

The jobs provided in this list could range from part-time to full-time, working for an employer or working for yourself. Here are nine incredible job opportunities for moms returning to the workforce.


1. Office Assistant

As an office assistant, you would be responsible for executing clerical tasks and ensuring organization within the office. Additionally, you would maintain files and may have to write documents or send out emails. 

For daily tasks, office assistants answer phone calls, track incoming and outgoing mail, including emails, take messages for other office staff and be the greeter for anyone who walks in the door. Almost every office needs an office assistant to ensure the business runs smoothly, so you could work in a medical, legal, sales or a variety of other office spaces. 

2. Childcare Provider

Although you’re likely getting out into the workforce to do something other than caring for children, this is an excellent segue into the workforce. Plus, you already have all of the skills needed to work in a childcare facility. You’ll feel confident with this job. 

There are many options when it comes to childcare. You could work at a physical daycare center, employ yourself as a nanny or babysit for a few hours each day. The demand for childcare workers is always steady, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a job. You will need certifications and background checks to work with children, though.

3. Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, your expectations are to check-in patients, gather their information and schedule appointments. They also organize the office and ensure that the dentist and dental hygienists are stocked with supplies.

There’s no need to have extra schooling to be a dental assistant. Most dentist offices have training programs. You’ll have many opportunities to choose from in this field since the dental industry is so vast. 

4. Freelancer

You don’t have to leave home to find a job! Especially with the pandemic, the demand for work-from-home jobs is increasing, so you can easily find a career as a freelancer. Whether you’re a new mom or if you’ve just been out of work for a while, freelancing can work for you.

Freelancing ranges from those with little experience to those who have had an education before becoming a mom. Some job options include virtual assistants, writing, editing, transcription or an online English language teacher.

5. Personal Care Aide

Like the childcare job, you’ll certainly have the qualifications to be a personal care aide. Personal care aides visit their clients’ homes and provide them with help for basic needs and household duties. 

This is another extremely flexible position. Aides are needed at all hours of the day, whether it’s early morning or late at night. 

6. Sales Clerk

Sales clerks do not require prior experience. You will need good communication skills and a positive attitude since you’ll be working with the public. There is a range of sales jobs, such as fast-paced ones like working in a grocery store or ones where you can negotiate a bit, like in a family-owned store or high-end boutique.

A significant advantage of being a sales clerk is that you’ll be interacting with so many people every day. It’s a very social job, so if you love people, you should try it! 

7. Early Education Teacher

For moms who have preschoolers or kids who are a bit older, you can find a good fit as an early education teacher. Early education positions are usually available in daycares or private schools and don’t require a college education. Typically, all you need is a high school diploma and a few certifications in early childhood education.

As a teacher, you’ll have some physical demands like bending, lifting and staying active to keep up with preschoolers. It’s a fun job, and you already have some skills needed to work with children.

8. Life Coach

Life coaches walk alongside people to help them make some sort of progress in their life. That progress might be through work, family or fitness. People often seek life coaches when they’re going through a drastic life change. 

That’s why moms make the best life coaches. You’ve been through career changes and lifestyle changes, so you have experience and can reflect on your own life to help someone else.

9. Fitness Instructor

You know that to keep up with your kids and keep them healthy, you have to often stay fit and live a healthy life. Adults often need assistance in making lifestyle choices like weight loss and eating right, which is why there is always a demand for fitness or health instructors. 

Find a job by visiting a local gym. You could teach a class a few times a week or work your way up to becoming a personal trainer.

Where Will Your Career Take You Next?

As a mom heading back into the workforce, you might be timid to put yourself out there. However, there are so many jobs that would love to have you!


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