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An Inherited Asset

I truly believe that all women (& men!) must always take care of their hair. In my case, I think it’s my biggest asset. I come from a family that has healthy, thick and nice hair! Even at their age, my dad still retains all of his hair and my mom’s braid is super healthy and shiny!

Since my signature hair look was short stylish cuts ever since childhood, I am now trying to keep a long-hair style, and I’m loving it! I always get questions on how I maintain healthy hair, even at this length.

My secret is not only genetics though. I never dyed my hair (yet!), not even highlights. I apply sun protection spray all over it whenever I’m tanning (which is a lot during summertime). I often go for the hairdresser to trim the ends. But most importantly, I apply various masks at least thrice a week, including Aloe Vera masks like here and honey masks like here.

At this point I encourage everybody to try out home recipes for hair and skin care. They work particularly well with honey (always available in the nearby store). Inspired by my Lebanese grandmas’ recipes, that taught me the importance of Honey. Be it incorporated into our diet, or hair and skin care! I’ve got plenty of skin care honey recipes, but will keep some for later.. So here are a couple of them, just for you…

For the hair: Mix equal amounts of honey with olive oil. Add a spoon of Vinegar, and place on your hair for at least 30 minutes. The result?? A naturally moisturized and shiny hair!

– If you dislike the smell of olive oil, you can use jojoba oil instead, but I’d definitely recommend olive oil. Rinse well with warm water, then with rose-water extract, to get a heavenly smell

For the body: Mix honey, baby oil (or even olive oil!), lemon juice and rough brown sugar. Massage/scrub into your skin in circular motion. The result?? A super softening body scrub, that leaves your skin hydrated, clean, healthy, and glowing!

– You might feel a slight tingling… It’s ok! The lemon juice is getting into & clearing your pores.

– The legendary Cleopatra used to bathe in a mixture of milk and honey! Purely! Can you imagine the bliss?? It is believed that she not only was a charming beauty, but also had the fairest complexion.

Now even though I always recommend my ‘At Home Remedies’ – and you know how amazing they are – I do tend to reside to my favorite synthetic product, whenever my hair is extra-dry due to the sun or the cold, and that is none other than Kérastase. My hair-dresser recommended the most effective Kérastase product, called Initialiste.

Derived from the same stem-cell technology that’s used for skin-care, according to Kérastase, this serum should make your hair feel thicker, softer, and up to 93% more resistant, since breakage is unavoidable if you have long hair.

So here’s how to use it:

  1. After washing your hair and gently drying it with a towel, apply Initialiste in the form of drops directly on your scalp
  2. Massage your scalp with your fingertips to spread the product, increase blood circulation, and enhance its absorption
  3. Apply no more than four to five pipettes if you have thick hair
  4. Style as usual

It was so easy, my hair felt amazingly soft and radiated with a healthy shine afterwards! So yes, that was one of my most recent hair beauty secrets!

Tell me what are your hair secrets? I’d love to know!



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