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There have been many debates on the effects of pheromone products on relationships, specifically if the pheromones in various products trigger social responses from men and women. According to Pheromone Authority, pheromones have an impact on social interactions between people. Using a product, such as a perfume that has pheromones, does much more than give you a signature scent.

How many pheromones does the product have?

Pheromone products vary in quality, primarily in the type and number of pheromones that are in the product. Products with plenty of pheromones have a higher chance of being more effective than those with few pheromones. Each pheromone has a specific purpose, so a product that has more to offer is likely to be more effective and meet more of your goals. Some of the common pheromones include androstenone, which signals dominance, alpha-androstenol triggers feelings of attraction and comfort, while epiandrosterone communicates youthfulness.

Only buy pheromone products from credible companies.

Due to the increased demand for pheromone products, many companies are introducing different types of products that contain pheromones. However, not every product is effective. You, therefore, need to research and find companies whose products are in great demand. Find out which products have great reviews and the kind of product you would like to have.

Understand the different products and how they work for both men and women

Before picking a pheromone product, you must understand that the various pheromones in products work best for the targeted gender. For example, if you are looking for oil products, those with copulins and androstenol attract men, while those with androstenone attract women. So, besides looking at what you need out of the pheromone products, you should also ensure the product you choose is targeting the right gender.

Do you want odorless or scented products?

Many people assume that for the targeted gender to respond, the product you use has to have a scent. This is not true because some products with pheromones are odorless and just as effective as scented products.

If you don’t want scented products or would like to add your preferred scent, you can choose to get authentic odorless pheromone concentrates and oils. If you intend to use your pheromone products together with your cologne or perfume, you need not worry about the pheromones being overwhelmed. They are just as effective as when you use them on their own.

Be wary of pheromone products sold on only one channel.

It is likely that the products you find in various online stores are legitimate, compared to products that are only sold through one channel. For example, if the product you want is available on Amazon, eBay, and other sites, you are likely to find that they are authentic. However, this doesn’t mean that products that are only sold through the manufacturer are not genuine. Some are, but you need to take extra precautions to ensure you don’t get duped.

Buying pheromone products is a tricky affair, that you can either get right or wrong. To play it safe, find out if there are any field study reports on the effectiveness of a specific pheromone, and what consumers have to say about a particular product.



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