5 Ways To Send Party Invitations This 2020

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When you are planning to host a party, the first thing you think about is who should attend it. You put together a list of invitees, determine a party theme and decide on the basics like venue, date and time. When you have all these details in place, you then embark on preparing party invitations.

Whether you are hosting a birthday, retirement, or graduation party, your invitations should match the theme of your party. If you decide not to have a theme, then indicate the formality of the party on your invitations. The best way to make your invitations attractive is to keep them simple with on-point text and fancy fonts. However, if you want a rave party, feel free to design wild invitations.

When preparing party invitations, make sure to include all the information your guests need to know to allow them to reach the venue on time. Also, let your guests know whether they should bring anything or dress in a specific way when attending the party. With your invitations ready, you need to find a way of sending them. There are several ways you can do this, and some of these are explored below:

  • Send Email Invites

e-Cards are the most popular ways of inviting people to events in the modern digital age. If you choose to use them, find a credible online invitation service like Greenvelope to develop fun, engaging e-cards to invite guests to your party. Most online invitation services provide users with a wide range of design styles, and you can choose one that suits the mood and theme of your party.

You can customize your party invitation by adding important information about the venue, time, and date, or include images and special messages for your guests. The idea is to make the invitation personal and unique. Once your invitation is ready, you can send it to your guest’s email address. Most online invitation sites allow you to enter the email addresses of guests that you wish to invite to your party.

This means that you should have email addresses for all the invitees. When entering email addresses, pay close attention to spellings and separate the email addresses with commas. Preview your party invitation to ensure you have captured the details correctly before sending it via an online invitations site.

  • Invite Guests Through Texts

You can invite guests to your party through texts. The beauty of texts is that they are instant, and you can easily follow-up with guests to confirm they received the invites and whether they will be attending the party.

The best way to send invitations via text is to download an invitation app. With such an app, you can send invitations directly from your mobile phone. Some apps even allow you to add guest phone numbers from different devices, saving you time that would otherwise have been spent entering the contacts manually. All you need to do is add a message with the information that your guests need to know and your preferred image before sending the text.

  • Make Phone Calls

If you want to personalize your party invitations, phone call invites can do the trick. This means giving each guest a call to inform them about your party plans and invite them to attend. If you opt to use this method, there are several things you need to do right to get the results you want.

The first has to do with timing. To ensure that you communicate effectively, call them when they are less likely to be engaged in other activities. There will be little excitement if you call them when they are busy in meetings or in the middle of their meal times. The best time to call guests is early in the week, either before or after dinner time.

To ensure your guests capture all the party details accurately, follow up your calls with chat messages.  Personalize your chat interactions and respond to any questions they might have about the event in a timely manner. If you do not get a response from your guests after the first call, schedule another time to call again. If no definite answer comes through after the second call, you are better off leaving them alone.

  • Send Social Media Invites

With more than 3 billion people using social media today, there is a high chance that most, if not all, your guests are on social media. As such, you can use this channel to send party invites and follow-up on your guests hassle free. To do this, you have to decide which social media platform to use, create a party event there, then send out invitations to the people you wish to invite.

Leverage the interactive nature of social media to keep conversations about the event going by responding to questions or comments that your guests post. This gives you an opportunity to involve people in the planning process, which makes it easier for them to attend your event.

  • Use Ordinary Mail

The traditional snail mail still works with party invitations. However, unlike other methods of sending invites, you need to either write or print your invites and mail them physically. The downside of this method is that it will take time for the invitation to reach recipients, and for them to read them and respond. If you choose to send invitations by snail mail, send them a few weeks before the party.

Ensure that you have the correct guest addresses and spell them correctly to ensure your guests receive the invites. Mailed invitations provide a unique opportunity for you to impress your guests. As such, decorate the invites appropriately to distinguish them from other mails and make them appealing to your guests.

Final Word

Parties provide unique opportunities to connect with friends and family members, and strengthen relationships. When planning a party, many people do not place a lot of emphasis on invitations – yet the invitations determine how successful a party will turn out to be. If you are planning a party, invest time in invitations and ensure that they are well designed and sent using the most effective channel.



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