The true meaning of success.

Everyone wants to become successful in terms of their career and their finances. But what does it take to become successful? What is the secret behind it that some people have managed to master so easily?

Do you do courses after courses and learn new skills and climb up the money ladder- or is about following your deepest of passions? I think it’s a bit of both. You need to be self -motivated and knuckle down on what it is that you really want.

You can be happy doing the most mediocre of jobs- but that again depends on what you think is mediocre. Because what you have achieved so far may well be what others have only dreamed of. Hence, you could be complaining about a job that other people would kill to have but that’s what makes us human- being happy but not fully satisfied.  

At the beginning of your career you get asked questions that you don’t think about- from where do you see yourself in five year’s time to what skills do you have to become an asset to our company. Heck! Ten years down the line- I am still working with a well- recognized company and not really sure of what I am doing. Is this what I imagined myself to be at one point?

But life is all about learning and surviving with all of our best efforts. There is a bit of hard work and ambition that is involved. Being passionate about what you do will make the journey all the more easier.

You know what else could make all your wildest dreams come true? Hitting the jackpot at Dotty Bingo someday and you can have all of the world’s riches. Let’s keep hoping that lady luck plays by your side.


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