Tent for the event: choosing the best option for a special occasion.

There are many things to consider when choosing an event venue for a special occasion. Although it might not seem so, the location has a significant impact on how the event unfolds, so it isn’t a choice that you should make lightly. If that sounds like too much pressure, you’re not alone. Many feel the same when they have to decide on this aspect of their event. 

If you’re still debating what kind of venue you should have, consider getting an event tent. These versatile locations allow plenty of room for movement, meaning that you have the option to choose from a wide variety of different tents, as well as add customization to the one you end up picking. 

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The types

Tents might seem too basic for those who are adamant about creating the perfect atmosphere. However, once you learn more about all these venues have to offer, it becomes much easier to change your opinion. There are many different types of event tents to choose from, depending on the particularities of the events you’ll be hosting:

  • Pagoda tents: With their distinctive look and painted conical roofs, these tents are guaranteed to draw a lot of attention to your event. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose between lighter variants or the ones with sturdier, more solid walls. 
  • Festival tents: Compared to pagoda tents, the festival ones have a much higher capacity. The load-bearing maximum volume can be around 1250 kg and about 1500 kg per truss, meaning that it can accommodate a lot of features and appliances. As the name suggests, they are the preferred choice for music festivals since they can hold a lot of sound and stage equipment. 
  • Aluminium halls: Designed to be either standard or custom-made, they are perfect for more specific needs since they are adaptable. Since they can be extended indefinitely, you don’t have to worry about the space considerations. And you can choose the design inside as well. 

The benefits 

Arguably, the most noteworthy benefit of choosing a tent for the next event you’re hosting is that they are incredibly versatile. They work perfectly for everything, from weddings to festivals. You can upgrade them however you want to elevate their style. For instance, you can customise your venue with cassette flooring. This option is lighter than sturdy, heavy-duty flooring but still highly resistant. Since it is easier to construct, you don’t have to worry that the arrangements won’t be ready in time.  

For the tent itself, you’ll also get to pick the décor, tables and chairs, as well as the lighting. If you want to let natural light in, you can get a clear-top tent. If you expect changeable weather, there’s the option to weatherproof the tent so that the guests aren’t bothered even if it’s raining outside. Heating, cooling and elevated flooring can all be included with the tents so that the guests can be protected and carry on comfortably. 

Moreover, getting an event tent helps keep things simple. It simplifies the process since it is so much easier than dealing with the layout and space constraints of a standard building that you might have to share with someone else shortly after or even during your own event. Many companies offer additional lighting and décor rentals, so you can streamline the process and ensure everything runs smoothly. Since you can get everything from one place, much of the stress associated with planning is eliminated. 

Choosing the tent 

Yet, tents are not a one-size-fits-all. While they are easily adaptable to any kind of event, it would be a pity not to choose something that fits the necessities of your event and instead try to squeeze everything into something that more or less works. You can choose the perfect tent, but you’ll have to do a little more planning to guarantee you obtain the best option. 

The most important thing is to choose based on what you’ll use it for. This means considering the style and size of the event since you’ll know how many people you can expect to arrive and whether the event is formal or more laidback. The environment is also essential to consider since you need to consider sunshine, strong winds and rain carefully. The sizing should be just right to ensure everybody is comfortable but don’t overdo it since it will make the place look deserted. 

Durability is crucial since you don’t want to have to stop or postpone the event due to anything that goes awry or malfunctions. A tent that’s not sufficiently sturdy can also be a potential health hazard. If it’s durable, it will hold up better and can withstand all the demands that come with transportation and the outdoor event itself. Stability is crucial as well, so make sure the poles are well-fixated. This is particularly important in the case of windy weather. If you want to be extra sure, go for reinforced bars. 

Lastly, you must also make sure that the tent you choose fits neatly within your budget. Investing in something high-quality will pay off, so you should select this option if you can afford it. 

Additional considerations 

It’s not just the tent itself that you should care about when arranging your event, but the location itself. If possible, you should set the location somewhere within everyone’s reach, perhaps close to their workplace or homes. Consider traffic, transportation and parking options as well. For exhibitions, you can get indoor maps to help you navigate the place better. 

Speaking of which, getting the parking in order means that the event will become much more accessible for a larger number of people. You can offer valet parking if possible. If the event is more upscale, the guests might even consider this a prerequisite. 

When you host an event, the venue is of utmost importance. Choosing the right place will make the difference between success and failure. Make sure to choose carefully, and don’t be in any rush to make a decision until you’ve considered all the possible options. 



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