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Ten Makeup Brushes You Need and How to Use Them

The Best Makeup Brushes require the Best Makeup Cases, Visit Luvo Store for Quality Makeup Cases. If you are new to makeup and tools, you will probably have a hard time with brushes especially since brands do not label their brushes and their use, instead, they just put numbers, which can be a little bit confusing as well. Brushes come in different sizes and shapes, and also serve particular functions. Using the right brush is vital to achieve your desired makeup look. For a primer, here are the ten brushes you need and their uses.

  1. Beauty Blender. This is not exactly a brush, but a sponge that can be attached to a stick for a better grip or solely a tear-shaped sponge. To use it effectively, dab it in water and squeeze several times before using. This helps blend your makeup flawlessly.


  1. Kabuki Brush. This is a big brush that is used when you apply powders and bronzers. A kabuki brush distributes every mineral across your face for a smooth finish. Another trick for using the kabuki brush is by swirling it to blur uneven makeup.


  1. Concealer Brush. Yes, you got it right—this is used for when you’re applying concealer on your face. When you only use your fingertips when putting on concealer, the result will be tacky and uneven. A concealer brush will help you hide those dark spots and fix messy eyeshadow edges too.


  1. Eye Shadow Brush. This is used for applying cream or powder eyeshadow. This is perhaps the most common brush you can see on make-up kits, and you can get this along with other discounted beauty products at


  1. Angled Eyeliner Brush. For a sleek eyeliner application, use this brush and you’ll achieve a flawless cat-eye. You can also use this for defining brows.


  1. Fan Brush. Use this to apply highlighter on your cheekbones and powder on your temples. It is also used for finishing touches.


  1. Lash/Brow Brush. This duo can usually be seen on a single stick. Use this to tame your brows and fix your lashes.


  1. Smudger Brush/Eyeshadow Brush. If you’re trying to do a smoky look, this is the best brush to use for your eyeshadow. The fluffy bristles blend the powder from your crease outwards, creating a fine smudge.


  1. Powder Brush. It has long and soft bristles that evenly distribute mineral powders to help you achieve a clean look. Use on your face in a swirling motion.


  1. Foundation Brush. For a streak-free and smooth foundation finish, use this brush to blend the cream outwards. Use this after applying concealer for a better, fuller coverage.

Makeup brushes can be challenging to identify unless you have watched a lot of beauty tutorials on brushes and their uses. This guide will help you until you’ve memorized each of the brushes’ functions.





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  • I love my blush brush because I can use it for blush and bronzer and even highlighter in a pinch.

  • This is a great guide. I need to invest in some new brushes.


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