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What Are The Best Wallets For Men?

Every man should own a good quality wallet that can last for a long time and can suit any style even once in his life. Even now that every essential item are turned into their virtual counterpart for convenience, an old school physical leather wallet will always be better than any e-wallet there is. Nothing beats something that always has cash ready and will never flash you an “error” or “connection failed” warning.

With the versatility of custom leather wallets, they are created and crafted into different kinds to supply any of your wallet needs. Listed below are different kinds of leather wallets that every man needs.

Best Wallets For Men

  1. Long wallet

If your man is still one of those who always carry a lot of cash and needs all his credit cards and IDs with him, then giving him a leather long wallet is a great idea. Long wallets usually have multiple card slots and a cash pocket that can hold your cash unfolded.

      2. Bifold wallet

Bifold wallets are for men who love the best of both worlds. It can still hold both cash and multiple cards but in a slimmer and smaller size.

      3. Card wallet

Card wallets are perfect for men who prefer carrying credit cards more than cash. These are usually thin and could fit easily on the pockets of your pants.

      4. Biker wallet

A biker wallet may be something your man never thought he needed not until he has it. As the name suggests, biker wallets are coined since they are first used by bikers who are always on the go. These are usually smaller than regular wallets but as the same amount of compartments to fit all the cash, cards, and even a phone. It has a chain that can be attached on your pants to prevent it from falling. Nowadays, even non-bikers use this type to keep their wallet with them at all times and prevent it from getting stolen.

      5. iPhone wallet

For added protection, give your man an iPhone leather wallet that will secure his device. Additional pro is that it can also be a very stylish and sophisticated case for his iPhone — perfect for all professional working men.

      6. Passport wallet

If you and your partner love travelling, then a passport wallet will be a perfect gift for him. A good handmade leather passport wallet will last for every out of the country adventures you’ll both be having in your life because of its durability. It will keep your passport secure and safe wherever you may be going.

      7. Minimalist wallet

Perfect for a simple man, minimalist wallets are very slim, compact, and pretty much straightforward. They will fit perfectly his cash as well as a couple of cards — just what a man usually has with him. This suits those who do not want to bring anything bulky but still needs something to secure their cash and cards.

Buy your special man something practical this Christmas and give him a good quality handmade leather wallet. Add your personal touch by having it customized. The full-grain distressed leather material will make sure that the item will last for a long time even with daily use. Your father, your partner, or your boss will definitely appreciate this well-thought gift that can be easily customized.



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