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The Fashion Killer: Here’s How to Ensure Your Bag Matches Your Outfit

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Style divas such as Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie stand out every time they’re seen in public not just because of their fame, but because they also know how to pick their clothes for each occasion and perfectly match them with their shoes, and yes, handbags!

Whenever you look at Angelina Jolie on the big stage, for instance, you’ll quickly notice that her handbag perfectly matches her dress.

You too can start matching your outfits to your handbags. Below, we look at simple yet effective tips from Spanish haute couturier Cristòbal Balenciaga’s diary to get you started;

Dressing for an Occasion

Whether you’re going shopping, dressy, office, formal, informal, or casual, you need to pick a different handbag to go with the occasion. Here are a couple of tips to help you get everything right;

  • With the summer dress and sandals: A sling bag should do the trick. Wear it over your shoulder.
  • With skinny jeans and a blazer: A hobo or tote bag is perfect. Both options will give the desired elegance without looking too formal.
  • In the office: Roomy tote bags look great when paired with tailored trouser suits while satchel bags should be paired with high-waist trousers and skirts worn with soft linen or gauzy cotton tops.
  • For the power hour: Briefcase bags or top-handle tote bags work like magic. They help exude sophistication and will give you a lean and mean boardroom presence.
  • Dressing for a cocktail? The cocktail dress or any long gown works great with clutches and miniature bags.  If wearing a sheath dress, sequined or metallic envelope clutches are an excellent pick.

Dressing to Match Your Body Type

So, now you know what handbags to carry when going to which occasions depending on the outfit you’ll be wearing. Next, you need to learn how to pair your handbags to your body type.

Like with clothes, a bag can accentuate your best features while drawing attention from parts of your body you don’t particularly like. The following are a few tips to consider;

  • For those with a curvaceous physique: Long, slim bags are ideal. If you’re short, a long, slim bag will make you appear taller. For tall ladies, low-hanging bags are a great option.
  • What of those with a petite figure? Anything with low-hanging straps or fringes should be avoided. So, satchels are a no-no.
  • For a pear-shaped body: You may want to draw attention away from your hips (if you want to) to turn eyes on your slimmer middle. So, avoid hip-length bags as they only make your hips appear larger. Instead, choose waist-length bags.
  • For those with a big bust: Again, you may want to look for balance. Avoid any types of bags that draw attention to your cleavage such as saddlebags.
  • If you have a few extra pounds: Medium sized bags are a good option.

Remember to try out different options. Feel out different colors, materials, and textures, for instance. It will help you find what’s best.



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