Tech Skills Worth Mastering in 2021

Many of the most in-demand tech skills for 2021 will remain very similar to those in 2020, although there has been a shift. The digital economy is growing faster than ever, which means big and small brands have a growing number of digital assets. Managing, protecting, and understanding those assets is going to be the key to knowing which tech skills to prioritize in 2021. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking ahead at streamlining your own workflow or a job seeker looking to boost your resume, knowing the best of those tech skills to master is going to be vital. Here are the tech skills worth taking a closer look at.

Cloud-Native Architectures

Article writers that proclaim cloud tech as a big new trend haven’t been paying attention. Cloud tech is now the standard across almost every industry, so focusing on learning more about cloud-native architecture is going to prove indispensable. With big names like Microsoft already firmly establishing their position in the cloud space, taking the time to undertake AZ-900 certification training is one of the best ways to improve your employability or make it easier for business owners to hire team members who will enhance an IT team. When it comes to tech skills worth learning in 2021, nothing is even comparable to learning more about cloud technologies.


Remote working has become the norm a lot faster than even the most forward-thinking brands could have predicted in 2019. That’s led to a massive increase in threat exposure for big and small businesses alike. When the majority of a team is working from a single physical location, cybersecurity is considerably easier. Still, for every member of the team that works remotely, the threat perimeter for that company becomes larger. Cybercriminals love remote workers because they often lack even basic physical protection against their attacks. Learning more about cybersecurity, particularly cloud-based security, will be a significant advantage for resumes. If you can include threat mapping into your key skills, you will have a major advantage in the job market.

AI, ML, and Automation

In case you hadn’t noticed, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a theory; it is now a mainstream tool already being used by brands of all sizes. Automation is also becoming a basic requirement for most of the available apps and software. AI (or machine learning) is already transforming almost every industry, which means there will be increased demand for those skilled in machine learning. Even knowing some of the basics of using artificially intelligent platforms and the software will go a long way to enhancing your resume’s impact. When AI and automation can boost both productivity and worker satisfaction, it’s no surprise that it is fast-becoming a must-have for job seekers.

Staying ahead of the big tech trends is always smart, but it’s important to focus on the tech-based skills that continue to grow and evolve. There is still a lot of potential for the future of cloud platforms, improved cybersecurity, AI, and automation. Keeping up to date with even one of these areas will make you stand out in an already crowded employment marketplace.


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