A Comprehensive Guide For First Time Tablet Buyers

Thinking hard whether to go ahead with the tablet purchase or not? We have plenty of reasons why you absolutely must! Tablets are significantly cheaper than a laptop and much easier to carry around. Because of their style and portability, tablets have become an instant favorite amongst working professionals who are always on-the-go for business.

They are incredible sources of entertainment because of the considerably larger screen as compared to a smartphone. And you can always trade-in the tablet in the future for getting a better deal on a latest version. For instance if you have an old iPad, all you need to do is insert the words where to sell iPad on a search engine and you get a myriad of options.

But with a whole host of options available out there, how do you find the best tablet for your use? Start off by listing your most crucial needs. Once you have your list, fix a budget so the shortlisting process becomes easy. To help you out, we have listed below some of the top factors first time tablet buyers must consider to get the most out of their purchase:

      1. Basic need:

What exactly is your purpose for investing in a tablet? You need to be clear about this to advance ahead in your search. This will make the process fairly easy for you because then you can directly focus on features that fulfill the purpose.

If you just need a tablet to carry around for checking work emails and staying updated about the latest news & other stuff, you can look for a basic tablet. If you are buying one so your kid can use it to attend online classes, you will require good connectivity features. 

      2. Operating System:

If you’re opting for a tablet to get some real work done, make sure you choose one with a good OS. The operating system will act as a middleman between you and the tablet. 

Having a powerful OS becomes necessary if you tend to multitask a lot. An OS that allows a wide variety of apps for each platform will allow you to get the most out of it.

      3. Size & Weight:

Since a tablet falls between a computer and a smartphone, you need to consider the size that will best serve your purpose. At the same time, you don’t want a very heavy weight tablet as it may get inconvenient to hold it for longer durations.

Tablet sizes range from 7 inches to 12 inches. When you opt for a very small size, it will not make a very huge difference when compared to a smartphone. As for the weight, choose for the lightest one without compromising on its strength and robustness.

      4. Display:

One of the main reasons people move from a smartphone to a tablet is because of a larger screen. Depending on its size and the resolution, a tablet makes viewing/reading easy or difficult. 

Make sure you pick at least a 720p display with HD resolution. A tablet with good viewing angles will provide a lot of flexibility when you want to share the screen with multiple people.

      5. Battery:

Considering you are using it on a daily basis, a tablet’s battery life should be taken into consideration to ensure you get a good uninterrupted runtime.

Ideally, 8-10 hours of battery backup is ideal if you are a light user. For those playing games and watching movies/videos often, battery life gets reduced. In this case, you can opt for devices with 6,000mAH battery for a smooth gaming experience.


Apart from the above mentioned factors, make sure to check the brand’s service. When you buy a tablet from a brand that doesn’t provide quality services, you may have to run around a lot if your tablet gets damaged or starts malfunctioning.



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