Want to try an online casino? Here’s why it should be a sweepstake casino

Playing casino games online is a hobby which has become very popular globally in recent years. This is certainly true in the USA, where changing attitudes and laws around iGaming have allowed the industry take off. Due to this and the publicity online casino play now generates, many people are beginning to try out this fun way of gaming. 

Although real money sites may be an option for some US gamers, sweepstake casinos have begun to catch up to them in the last few years. Although they may both sound the same, sweepstake sites are subtly different and have their own unique benefits.


What is a sweepstake casino?

A sweepstake casino is an online gaming site which enables you to play fun games without spending any money. Although some sites will offer the chance to buy extra coins to play with, this is entirely optional. 

If you prefer though, you can game as much as you like with the free virtual tokens that sweepstake casinos give to players. Some of these tokens can be redeemed for real prizes, such as gift cards or cash. 

Apart from this major difference, sweepstake sites operate in much the same way as standard real money online casinos. They provide a convenient, safe and fun place online to try out classic casino games such as slots and table games.

Why are sweepstake casinos so popular?

When you consider the competition they have from real money casinos, you may wonder why sweepstake platforms have become such a major hit around the country. When you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that this is no accident and casinos which use a sweepstake model have lots to offer.

Here are some of the specific features that players find appealing: 

Sweepstake casinos are fully legalized

One major bonus that sweepstake casino platforms have is the way they are viewed under law and their legal status in the vast majority of US states. As you are not playing with real money at them, 49 out of the 50 US states nationwide allow you to legally enjoy sweepstake casino titles. 

This means that anyone from Alabama to Wyoming can play with total peace of mind. The only state which has not yet made this type of gaming online legal is Washington, but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed this changes soon. This makes sweepstake casinos a legal and viable choice if real money play is not legal where you live. Even if it is, lots of people choose sweepstake play anyway for the reasons below. 

Sweepstake casinos offer good bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are something which all casino players love to grab. This is because they can give you cool extras to game with and generally make the whole experience more fun. This makes the excellent bonuses that sweepstake gaming sites give out a major plus point. 

But what are the most common promo deals these kinds of casinos run? For new players, it is usually a large number of free coins when you sign up to game with. These sites are also known for giving out fantastic bonuses to existing players. This can include free coins to play with, bonuses for referring other players and loyalty programs.

Sweepstake casinos use virtual currencies

Unlike real money sites, sweepstake casinos only use virtual currencies such as Gold Coins and Sweep Coins. Although you can buy extra coins to play with, it is also possible to stick to gaming with the virtual tokens you are awarded or that you win when playing classics such as slots. 

Playing with virtual currencies is a massive bonus for a few good reasons. To begin with, it means you are not risking your own hard cash with each spin. This can make the whole gaming experience more relaxing and enjoyable. It can also help you focus on the game you are playing, rather than worrying about losing your stake. 

If you stick to playing only with the virtual tokens the casino awards you or that you win, gaming at sweepstake casinos is a free activity. This can be preferable for many people who want to enjoy casino games without it costing them money. 

Sweepstake casinos offer a variety of games

One feature which really helps these kinds of casinos stand out is the variety of games they have to wow players. The choice of fun sweepstakes slots to check out sums this up perfectly and all decent sweepstake sites will have lots of high-quality casino games to select from. 

This is important because it means you will always have something fun to play and never get bored with the same old games. A variety of games will also mean there is a good range of developers, genres, themes and game types to choose from. This also helps to keep your gaming sessions fresh and brings real longevity to iGaming. 

Sweepstake casinos are great for beginners

Perhaps the last crucial reasons sweepstake sites have become so popular is how great they are for iGaming beginners. They are not only easy to find online but also easy to create an account with and quick to sign-up with. 

Once you have created an account, these sites have intuitive interfaces and sensible layouts to make finding the game you want to play simple. All decent sweepstake platforms will put great focus on outstanding customer support and always be on hand to help any novices to iGaming. All this makes them a top choice for people who are easing into the world of online gambling. 

Sweepstake casinos are a top choice

While top technology can save businesses time and the latest digital innovations can help us stay entertained when we have free time, the impact of tech can best be seen in industries such as casino gaming. Online casino play is a classic example and an illustration of how much this niche within the casino industry has grown. 

If you are interested in trying out online casino gaming, your first instinct may be to sign-up with a real money iGaming platform. While these have lots to offer, it may actually be better to try out sweepstake casinos instead. This is especially true if you are brand-new to online casino gaming and need a gaming site which is not too overwhelming. 


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