7 Ways to Reduce Packaging Expenses in Your Manufacturing Company

With the markets becoming increasingly competitive, it is important for manufacturing companies to look for ways to cut expenses related to the operations. One of the areas of operations that this can be done in is with regards to product packaging. These are seven ways that can help companies shrink the packaging costs of their products:

Use Flexible Packaging

As far as kinds of packaging go, flexible packaging is among the best out there. While they are primarily used for food products like beverages, coffee, snacks, meat and seafood, they can be also used for others kinds of manufacturing output. This can range from pet supplies, toys to clothing. The custom coffee packaging is a perfect example of how effective packaging can be with flexible packaging.

But its top selling point is the fact that it reduces packaging expenses. Short run flexible packaging is efficient as less material is used for each unit of the product. Furthermore, it can help the products last longer on the shelf while taking up a smaller space in the warehouse and distribution channels.

Automate Packaging Process

Manual and semi-manual packaging process is not the most cost-efficient packaging arrangement for a manufacturing company. It is prone to human error, which could lead to more expenses. It also burdens more employees to do the packing when they can concentrate on other tasks in the company.

While it is true that the initial cost of the transition to automation would be great, the company’s fast and efficient production will soon make up for it.

Redesign Your Packaging

Sometimes, the problem is not with the packaging process but with the actual package itself. Look at your current packaging now to see if there are some unnecessary elements. If there is, you need to have the package redesigned. Invest on the research for a safe, cost-effective and convenient design that you can use. This way, you will be able to maximize the packaging without costing too much.

Outsource Packaging For Small Operations

If your manufacturing operations are not too big yet, it may be a good option for the company to consider outsourcing the packaging phase of the products. This can save you a big amount of money as you do not have to maintain packaging equipment and train people. The money you will save can be used for other parts of the operations instead.

Choose Printer That Understands Color Management

Just a small change in the hue of your packaging can cost you a big amount. Since printing is an important part of the packaging process, you need to make sure that you always get it right. Go for a printer that understands color management. This way, you can always ensure that the design you made will be what you see on the actual packaging.

Avoid Wasting

Just like any other aspect of the operations, wastage is unforgivable in packaging. If the packaging wastage has exceeded the acceptable level for you, you need to devise ways to minimize it.

Buy Materials In Bulk

If there is one cost-cutting measure that would work in almost any industry, it is the purchase of materials in bulk. Bulk purchases usually enable you to buy packaging materials at wholesale or discounted prices.

To have an even higher discount for the product packaging materials that the company will purchase, it would be best if there is a fixed supplier. One good way to establish a relationship between the supplier and the company is to make a deal that could last for a considerable amount of time. This way, they can offer a small cut from the price due to the continuous business you will be providing for them.


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