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8 Ways to Impress a Guy and Leave a Lasting Impression on Him

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Would you date yourself? If the answer is yes, then figure out what it is about yourself that you like so much and put it to the test when trying to impress a guy. If you don’t impress yourself, what makes you think others will be impressed by you? Some women are so out of touch with the dating scene that something like trying to impress a man can be overwhelming. Some women don’t know how to impress a man, nor do they know how to tell if a guy likes you. Here are 8 ways to impress a guy and leave a lasting impression on him


  • Passion and Ambition


  • Intelligent


  • Wit


  • Confident


  • Don’t be judgmental


  • Respect yourself


  • Be kind to those around you


  • Don’t give in too easily



Being ambitious and passionate about your life and what you want will always impress a man. When you go after your goals, dreams and ambitions it says that you have a life of your own, that is a huge impression On a man because men don’t want needy women who want to be up under them all day. If a woman has her own thing going on, a man will be excited for her and may even want to be a part of it. If you have a plan for your life, your future and you’re taking the steps to achieve it you’ll leave a lasting impression on the man that you meet. Most men usually meet women who aren’t sure about where they’re going, so when they meet a woman who knows what she wants, he’s all there for it.


Men love intelligent women who can handle their own. Who aren’t needy, but can speak their mind and engage in thoughtful conversations. Secure men aren’t intimidated by intelligent women, they appreciate the value of intelligent women. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can give you a run for your money when it comes to debates. Looks can only get a woman so far before a man becomes bored with her.


There’s nothing wrong with a woman having a witty personality. Men love women who are entertaining and funny.  A witty woman is lively and somewhat cocky and that tends to impress a man even more. They love social butterflies and a woman that can work for a crowd with a whole lot of sass. That type of wit comes off as sexy in a way.


There’s something about a confident woman that men love. A confident woman pretty much trumps all other characteristics. Being confident can come off as being cool with an air of having everything under control. They aren’t concerned with what others think about them and they are sure of themselves in every situation. Confident women know their self-worth and they aren’t afraid to let it be known. They don’t need validation from others. They teach people how to treat them by how they carry themselves and what they will and won’t tolerate. A confident woman is everything wrapped in one package.


There’s a fine line where your opinion can come off as being judgmental. Men don’t like judgmental women, let alone judgmental people. If you have something to say about a certain topic or situation, say what you have to say and leave it alone. Don’t be critical and insulting. That can turn a man off entirely. It’s okay to show interest in what he has to say and it’s okay to be truthful about your feelings but don’t ever come off as being rude, you’ll send him running in the other direction.


Respecting yourself is huge! If you want everyone else, especially a guy you’re interested in to respect you, then you must respect yourself first. It’s okay to have a good time, it’s okay to hang out with friends, but if a woman constantly parties, gets drunk and puts herself in situations that are compromising no man will take her seriously. Why? Because that’s the reality that she’s created for herself. Having standards and boundaries says that you take yourself seriously and you want others to treat you as such. A man may have fun with a party girl, but he’ll end up marrying the girl who respected herself.


Men pay attention to how you treat people, especially if you’re on a date. Men will notice how you treat the waiter. If you’re a snob and aren’t approachable, what makes you think he will be drawn to you? Be kind to the people you come in contact with no matter who they are or what job they have. Being stuck up and acting as if you’re better than other people will most certainly turn a man off and make them uncomfortable. Not to mention, it’s embarrassing.


This is also important. Don’t feel like you have to start off doing everything for a guy that you’ve just met. Don’t try to always please him early on because you’ve just opened the door to be taken advantage of. He will feel like he’s already got you wrapped around his finger. Now, he doesn’t have to try too hard. You’ve just made his life a whole lot easier because he won’t feel the need to impress you or do anything for you. Take things slow and see how he reacts to just be your friend first. Let him try to impress you. Talk to him and get to know him as a person and don’t tell him everything he wants to hear. Let him do some of the work too.

I’m sure we’ve all fallen short of some of the things on this list. Impressing a man doesn’t have to be overnight. Be confident, funny, charming and let him know you have something in that head of yours and you’re as good as gold. Simply put, be you!




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