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How to Find Out Whether Your Classic Toy is a Collectable

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Moms and dads often wonder if the hot new toy they just picked up for their child will someday be a collector’s item. Others may purchase an item in the hopes that it gains in value over the years and they can generate a profit by selling it when it does. How can a person tell if something will be of value decades down the road? While there is no guarantee as to what items will remain hot and which will flop, certain steps may be taken to help determine which items to invest in and which to pass by.


First and foremost, nostalgic items tend to increase in value. These are the toys kids fall in love with and pull out repeatedly as opposed to those that are played with once or twice before they are tossed under the bed or into the closet never to be seen again. If for some reason a person wishes to sell Transformers toys, for example, they will likely have more success than someone trying to sell a toy that was a fad that quickly faded.


As with many collectables, the rarer an item is, the more money it generates when the owner decides to sell. Mass-produced toys are easily obtained decades later, as everyone seemed to have one in their house at one time or another. A limited-production piece, however, will be difficult for the buyer to locate and he or she is willing to pay more when one does become available. There’s a good chance he or she won’t be able to find this item once again and they don’t want to let it get away.

Know the Item’s Value

Don’t assume an item is worth a certain amount just because that is what you would be willing to pay for it. Sellers need to research the value of the item to make certain it is priced fairly. Fortunately, many people who take the time to complete this step learn their item is worth more than they originally anticipated and they will be able to ask more as a result. It’s best to rely on books and websites specifically devoted to collectables instead of heading to a local auction site or another popular website where items can be sold, as they may not provide an accurate representation when it comes to the value of the item.


Any item that is falling apart won’t generate as much money as one that is in excellent shape. Children want to play with their toys and parents should allow them to do so when they are purchased specifically for the child. However, if an item is being obtained simply because the buyer believes it will increase in value, it should remain in the original packaging as this helps to boost the value when it is sold. Even if the packaging is slightly damaged, as long as the item remains fully enclosed, it should sell for more than an item that has no packaging whatsoever.

Nobody can predict the future. For this reason, shoppers should never purchase an item simply because they believe it will increase in value. It’s best to buy those items that are loved and bring enjoyment to the user. If it does become collectible as time passes, this will simply be a pleasant surprise. If it doesn’t, you have still gotten enjoyment from it and that’s what is truly important.



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