5 Important Things To Consider Before Going To A Medical Professional

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Visiting a medical professional can feel overwhelming, particularly when there’s a lot of details to exchange. However, thoroughly preparing for this critical event would be helpful in guaranteeing the best use of your money as well as your medical practitioner’s time. Below are 5 actionable tips to streamline your next trip to a medical professional.

1. Your Insurance Information

You need to carry your insurance card during your trip to a medical specialist. The receptionist will prepare a copy of this important card. With this insurance card, the medical specialist’s office staff will know who will take care of your bill. If you have several insurance plans, ensure you know your primary insurance. This way, the office staff will bill your primary insurer before billing your secondary insurers.

2. Your Concerns

List down all the issues you want to discuss with your medical professional. For instance, is there a diagnosis you want to make? Do you need a flu shot? Are you worried about how a certain treatment is impacting on your everyday life? If you need clarification on more than a couple issues, organize them and prioritize the most crucial ones.

3. Your Medications

The medical practitioner needs a list of all the medicines that you are taking. List down the name of the drug and the number of milligrams you take. Don’t forget to include how frequently you take it. All these details are available on the medication bottle. Remember to write down the reason for taking the medication. This information will go a long way in helping a medical expert devise a personalized treatment plan for you. If you are on any herbal supplements or vitamins, be sure to include them in your list. You can also make short notes on your health history. Your medical professional may need to know if you have ever been hospitalized, treated for any other major medical condition, or had any major surgeries.

4. Check If Your Medical Professional is Experienced and Certified

If you want a professional to perform a certain procedure such as hip replacement, heart valve surgery, cataract surgery, or a CT-guided biopsy, find a physician who has extensive experience in those areas. As far as complex medical procedures are involved, more experience is better. Apart from experience, medical specialists must advance their education by taking short courses and participating in workshops in their relevant areas of practice. If you are looking for a medical specialist who will attend to you and your kids, go for one with ACLS and PALS certification.

5. Cost of Services

Do some research and compare what different medical specialists charge for a specific service. Focus your search for conveniently located yet affordable professionals. Also, find out if your prospective medical specialist will allow you to use your insurance to pay for the services rendered.


Living a healthy and happy life calls for a team effort. Medical professionals should make sure their practices are operating well and with integrity. Patients, on the other hand, should embrace a healthy lifestyle and prepare properly before visiting their physician.



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