7 tips for decorating your outdoor environment

The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior when it comes to furnishing.

As the summer season is approaching then the space of the yard or veranda becomes the keyword of relaxation while you are at home. Make your outdoor space even more comfortable and beautiful with these decorating ideas that Junk Bunk rubbish removal shares with you.


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  1. Bring the indoor environment outside

Let your personal style spread into your outdoor space. You want your outdoor space to feel as luxurious and comfortable as your indoor space. Bring a rug outside, to help create an environment that your guests will love. Add personal touches like throwing blankets over chairs, picture frames, candles or lanterns and as much greenery as possible.

  1. Mix and adjust

Do not be afraid to leave the usual courtyard structure. Choose and get different furniture and fabrics for the yard in the same way as you would choose for the interior of your home. Think bright chairs with a printed umbrella or different pillows with interesting and bold patterns.

  1. Place the curtain

You can commit to living inside and outside your home and make your backyard look like another room in your home. Enhance your yard by adding curtains to create a semi-enclosed space. Close the curtains to create the feeling of intimacy, or when you want to relax and sleep for a while it can become a sacred place of relaxation.

  1. Pay attention to the size of the objects

No one wants space to feel scattered. Even if the area is small, it is a good idea to have extra items such as sofa cushions or large pots with large plants. Slightly in quantity, but large items make a small space look bigger, compared to a cluttered space, with lots of small furniture and details.

  1. Create zones

If you are lucky and have a large outdoor space, share it and use it. Divide your outdoor space into areas for different functions such as eating, having fun and relaxing.

  1. Mix the inside with the outside

Mix natural and exterior materials so it won’t feel like a big difference as you move from house to yard and back again. A balanced combination of palm, wood, concrete, ceramic, glass or metal, will give an outdoor environment a natural, assembled feel of connecting the interior with the exterior.

  1. Light up your outdoor environment

Do not spend those silent summer nights in the dark. Make your outdoor space a place to spend time with friends and family even at night. Lighting is the key! If your yard is a completely open space where you can not dim the lighting, then place bulbs inside and outside your space.



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