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6 Helpful Tips for Better Brand Building

While your brand name, your logo, your slogan and your products all make your brand, none of these things is your brand. You see, a brand is an idea. It’s something that your audience thinks of when they see your logo or hear the name of your business. However, is there a way for you to control what your audience thinks about you? Of course there is. By hand-tailoring your brand, during the brand-building process, you can easily control your brand image and overall become better at branding. Here are six tips to help you get there.


Focus on the feeling

As Maya Angelou once said, people can forget what you said and what you looked like, but they will never forget how you made them feel. This is why you need to establish what your business is all about from the very moment you enter the business world. The first step on this path lies in defining your goals and objectives, as well as determining your brand values. Now, there’s a common misconception that B2C is the only aspect of marketing that’s based on emotions while B2B tends to be completely rational. While both of these claims are true, to a degree, you need to understand that even in B2B interactions, there are emotions involved.

Develop recognizable visuals

Previously, we’ve mentioned that a brand is an idea, however, people often try to visualize ideas, even if they’re heavily based on emotions. This is why your brand needs to have visual markings as soon as possible. What this means is that you need to make a logo, pick corporate colors and invest some serious money in the development of your website. The design of your products is yet another factor that will have a great impact on the way your business is perceived by your audience.

The rule of seven

According to the rule of seven, in order for a potential lead to become a paying customer, they need to encounter your business on at least seven different occasions. This is why it’s so effective to go for offline marketing as well as digital marketing for maximum effect. What you need to do here is find a reliable printing business and start designing your promotional merchandise. For instance, as a business located in the Inner West Sydney, what you need is an agency that specializes in printing in Homebush Bay. This local collaboration will make the infrastructure of your marketing campaign somewhat easier to handle.

Content marketing

Your content marketing is a means of expressing yourself. It allows you to send a message, demonstrate your knowledge or take a stance on a topic that’s hotly debated within the industry. It’s also a way to provide some value to your audience. You can either inform, teach or entertain them. By getting this kind of benefit from your business, your content marketing will assist your brand-making efforts quite a bit.


Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them and this needs to be your starting point when building a brand. Go out there and try to role-play a scenario where you are your own average customer. What is it that makes you go for your own business instead of picking one of the competitors? Now try to sweeten this deal just a bit more. Also, when using storytelling in your content marketing strategy, use an average customer as the hero of the story and try to avoid the mistake of portraying your business as the protagonist. Most importantly, listen to customer feedback. These three methods are the simplest and the most effective way to make your business more customer-centric.

Be unique

You don’t have to be the best in order to get attention, all it takes is for you to stand out. The best example of how this works can be seen through Avis’s brilliant advertisement campaign where they stated that, because they’re the industry’s second-best, they try harder. As counter-intuitive as this idea may have sounded to some at the time, it certainly achieved the desired effect.

The very last thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that each of the above-listed things gets you one step closer to your goal, but they’re the most effective when applied together. You see, when making a brand, you need to be thorough, systematic and cover as many fields as possible. Only then will your brand manage to speak to your consumers in the language that they truly understand.



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