6 Best Island Luxury Items You Need For Summer

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Nothing feels better than taking long walks on the beach and having delicious sunset dinners with your loved ones. Summer is just right around the corner, and you need to savor every moment during this hot season.

There are hundreds of summer resorts that you can go to, with each having a different vibe and motif. Some would look like an abandoned island – tranquil, humid, and peaceful. Some would look like a private hotel inside a lush paradise with spa treatments and personal assistants.

But wherever these resorts are located – whatever vibe they give – you should make sure that you look your best. Wherever you go, you must always feel relaxed and at the same time elegant in paradise. So, ditch those rashguards and aqua shoes. Here are the best luxury pieces that you’ll need for summer.


1. Tropical Timepiece

Watches are as important as any piece in a look. It represents power and authority. It also represents a strong impression of time consciousness. In a luxurious lifestyle, social status is brought by possessions – one of them being a timepiece.

Grand Seiko provides the perfect timepieces to bring and flaunt on your getaway. As one of the renowned watch brands in the world, Grand Seiko brings high-caliber pieces that suit every occasion and weather. With respect to water resistance, Grand Seiko has timepiece models with better than 30 meter water resistance like SBGR305 titanium reinterpretation of the original Grand Seiko that has 10 bar/100 meter water resistance.

2. Artisan Earrings

Pulling off a beach outfit is very easy. The key to maintaining a relaxed look is by wearing less clothing and putting on more accessories. Jewelry pieces like artisan earrings are lightweight accessories that can make you feel comfortable and classy at the same time.

There are various types of earrings that you can wear on the beach. Hoop, dangle, and barbell earrings are some of the few types that you can experiment with. Each earring can also be made using eco-friendly materials, like cork and bamboo.

3. Maxi Beach Gown

Coping with the heat can be challenging, especially when you’re on an island. The tropical breeze that touches your skin can be overwhelming, so you might need to wear something thin. With this, a maxi beach gown can be your best bet.

This beach essential is made from soft cotton, usually covered with floral designs to complement the flowy silhouette of the dress. Its loose knits give that breathability, a significant advantage when you’re in humid places.

4. Beach Bangles

Aside from earrings, beach bangles are also perfect for summer. If you are not comfortable wearing heavy gold bracelets, then you might want to switch to these ones.

Beach bangles are usually hand-crafted with tumbled leather, beads, and stones as the main components. The best thing about having these in your beach wardrobe is that you typically don’t have anyone with the same design as yours. These are also artisanal pieces, so when you buy it in concept stores, you’ll get to choose between hundreds of unique shapes, colors, and materials.

5. Jeweled Flip Flops

Your elegant beach ensemble will not be complete with a pair of jeweled flip flops. Like regular sandals, this kind of footwear will still give you comfort, but with a little twist that pops out in the crowd.

These are often made with top-grain leather insoles and straps, embellished with synthetic crystals and stones – a reason to invest in a pair or two. Brands like Fibi and Clo, Ipanema, and Kate Spade offer the best jeweled flip flops in the market.

6. Mirrored Aviators

Don’t squint those pretty eyes! The best accessory that you can wear on an island getaway is a pair of mirrored aviators. These sunglasses give the best accent to your whole look because of their unique tints and lenses.

Brands like Ray-Ban have reached the summit of quality aviators. Aside from the aesthetics, the brand also focuses on better light absorption technologies. This makes you see naturally despite the heavy tint because it does not alter real image colors. This is an advantage for a luxury brand, since others merely focus on looks, and not how it affects the wearer.  

A Note On Price and Quality

Going to the beach or any adventure can make you feel excited. You make spontaneous decisions, eventually leading to unplanned activities. And once these adventures get out of hand, there’s no way of keeping your things from getting broken. This is why owning a few of these luxury items guarantee you better quality control, and here’s an explanation.

These expensive pieces hardly deteriorate, even when used frequently. Unlike substandard brands, most luxury companies have better ISO certification standards, which means that quality is not overlooked. Also, most of them have better insurance policies once your items get destroyed or broken.

Investing in luxury pieces can be a new thing for you. But, knowing these advantages above can help you understand that luxury is not just about buying expensive things. Luxury is also about a sustainable lifestyle. These pieces may cost you a lot, but you’ll never regret having these in your wardrobe.



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