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Top 5 Blogs That Discusses About Mattresses

If you want to transform your bedroom into a dream sanctuary, you would want to start looking for great bedding products. After all, we do spend ⅓ of our lives in our bedroom sleeping, so investing in great bedding products that meet both our style and comfort is the best investment we can make.

Buying bedding products could be fun until you realize that the product you bought isn’t as good as you thought it was. With the sheer amount of options available on the internet, you won’t know what’s suitable for you until you buy it. Nonetheless, there are blogs that discuss mattresses online, and from their blogs, you will have a better idea of whether the mattress you’re looking for is the one for you.


1. BeddingPal.com

Introducing beddingpal.com. This bedding blog is run by a passionate team of people who hope for nothing but their readers to get better sleep. On BeddingPal, you will get plenty of comprehensive, helpful, and easy to understand reviews on numerous bedding products, including mattresses.

The blog has done detailed reviews on mattresses of great brands including Nectar, Bear Mattresses, Casper, and many more. Along with the tips and tricks that they include in their reviews on improving your sleep quality, beddingpal is the top blog that discusses mattresses.

Led by their chief editor – Jessica Larson, who is a neurologist with more than 10 years of experience, she aims to provide you with the most informative and honest content on bedding products including mattresses. You will find nothing but unbiased reviews and educational articles on the website.

2. SleepAdvisor.org

With more than 169 of products reviewed, and 1150 sleep and mattress sources that they have researched to this day, sleepadvisor sits pretty high on top of most mattress review blogs. From figuring out how to buy mattresses online, suggesting which are good for different needs and body types, or breaking down the latest science behind sleep technology, SleepAdvisor is committed to revealing the most useful information.

They also have a great team of editors to ensure that the information is presented in an honest, relatable, and easy to understand manner. That said, they are also a pretty transparent blog as they disclosed about receiving a referral fee (at no additional cost to buyers) on some products including mattresses that are purchased through the links on their site or other applicable pages.

3. Sleepopolis.com

Sleepopolis is a passionate team that’s based out of Brooklyn, New York that is focused on helping readers to achieve better sleep. Their mission is pretty simple – to help you get incredible sleep.

Not only do they conduct extensive research into sleep and mattresses itself, but their team also personally tested out hundreds of mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets, and gadgets on the market before conducting their reviews.

The Sleepopolis team, led by Logan Block, the director of content, take incredible pride in the work that they do. With their sleep reviews, news, and information, you will find yourself on a personal journey for better sleep.

4. TheSleepJudge.com

The experts behind this blog spend weeks in testing out mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories so their readers won’t have to, before buying a mattress that they’ve had their eyes on. Their team currently boasts 4 sleep experts and product testers who are committed to finding and trying out the best mattresses the market has to offer.

What makes thesleepjudge.com stand out is their diversity in background and sleeping preferences, which might make some of their reviews slightly biased towards a certain type of mattress that suits the tester’s own sleeping position. Nonetheless, as team members, they do bring a unique perspective to the table and all their personal experiences to help readers like you who might share similar preferences before making a choice in buying a mattress.

5. SuperComfySleep.com

SuperComfySleep reviews are written by a team of experienced researchers and writers with a genuine passion for high-quality sleep products. These products include mattresses, pillows, and down comforters.

This blog recognizes the importance of sleep in our lives and as such, their mission is to provide genuinely useful, relevant, and high-quality information in their mattress reviews. Their mattress reviews often help readers in choosing the right mattress and sleep products to allow them to achieve a ‘super comfy’ sleep.



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