Summer Costumes for Birthday Parties

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It’s birthday party season, and some of the year’s best costume parties are hosted in the balmy weather. If you love dressing up or are just fond of parties, you can actually take this time to do both at the same time.

Don’t let the scorching sun put you off dressing up at your next event. Instead, discover fun, super cute costumes that you can wear even in the heat.

Here are the top costume picks for men, women, and kids to wear at any fancy dress birthday party this summer:

Summer Costumes for Girls’ Birthday Parties

  1. Super Hero Tutu Dress Costumes

Superhero tutu dresses are short, comfy, and durable for the playground and backyard games. It lets your little girl dress up as Batgirl, Supergirl, or Wonderwoman with a simple t-shirt and tutu dress combination.

The great design of the dress makes it clear which character your little one is impersonating even without wearing full leggings and capes that are far too hot for summer.

  1. Harley Quinn Batman Girls Costume

Harley Quinn is one of the hottest super villains on the movie scene at the moment, and your daughter is likely a fan. Let her channel the notorious baddie this summer with a simple Harley Quinn combo of t-shirt, shorts, and mask.

Most great costumes will also come with tights, but it becomes troublesome during the hot weather. For this costume, it is perfectly complete without the outer garments.

Summer Costumes for Boys’ Birthday Parties

  1. Spongebob Squarepants Wearable Square Suit

Spongebob SquarePants doesn’t just have square pants, he’s a square himself. This means wearing this cute character is just sleeveless and short, which is perfect for the hot summer weather.

You can also check some great costume shops that offer the deluxe costume your kids will just love.

  1. Olaf from Frozen

Frozen 2 is as big a hit as the first Frozen movie. Boys and girls alike, your little lad probably loves this family-friendly story.

Frozen doesn’t always have to be winter and Elsa. In fact, you can also have Olaf costumes for summer.

Great Olaf costumes are also sleeveless and can be paired with shorts, making it a funny yet cool costume for summer birthday parties.

Summer Costumes for Women’s Birthday Parties

  1. Flapper Costumes

Knee-length flapper dresses are resplendent with beads and dealing without being hot and clammy. The comfort it provides to the wearer is all because of their v-neck and sleeveless designs. It’s best to skip the fur accessories in the heat, though.

Wear your hair up and choose a sequined headband as a complementary accessory instead.

  1. Sexy Short Dress-ups: From Oktoberfest Wench to a Navy Sailor

Due to the popularity of sexy dress ups, plenty of dress-up costumes made with very little fabric are available everywhere. One example is the sexy shorts, which is perfect for keeping you cool at your next summer birthday party.

From sexy policewoman to Sailor Moon, great costume stores offer a huge number of short. In particular, they sell sexy costumes that will make you feel comfortable, refreshed, and fashionable under the summer sun.

Summer Costumes for Men’s Birthday Parties

  1. Baywatch Lifeguard Costume

You don’t need to have a Hasselhoff six-pack to wear Baywatch costumes. In fact, you can choose one with a t-shirt or singlet version to stay cool in summer while dressing up to the max. Some men’s Baywatch costumes even come with a varsity bomber jacket to keep you warm when the summer nights get breezy.

  1. Men’s Barbie Safari Ken Costume

It’s a Barbie World, right? You don’t have to be a girl in order to like Barbie’s Ken. What’s there not to like, anyway?

Level up your game and dress up as Ken. You’ll definitely rock beach attire with fun glam accessories.

It’s ideal if your partner is dressed as Barbie. If not, just as a stand-alone outfit for a scorching hot summer birthday party is also fine.

Wrapping It Up

Whether it’s a simple party with the family or close friends, dressing up should be a fun part of every party. Don’t spoil the fun and choose the best outfit for the upcoming summer party that you’re looking forward to.

Summer dress-ups parties are your chance to get creative, so pick costumes that won’t stifle you in the heat.



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