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Having a Blast: 3 Ideas on How to Dress up for a Party

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The purposes of a party are to celebrate any type of occasion, get dressed up, and have some fun.  None of those activities should be daunting or stressful, although many women spend time worrying about picking out the perfect dress to wear.  Relax and enjoy choosing a dress that will suit the occasion, as well as your style, body type, and budget.

The Occasion

The first idea is to find the type of occasion.  Do not assume anything and get as much detail as possible.  This information will allow people to dress appropriately. A wedding is associated with formal wear which would not be practical at a beach or backyard ceremony and reception.  Shopping online at boutique websites, such as, will save time because it is easy to view all types of dresses quickly.

Keep in mind the occasion, whether business, casual, or formal, will dictate the expectation of dress.  Prints tend to be more casual in nature while dark and solid colors are traditionally more for formal or evening wear.  Neutral colors like greys or browns can be worn for all occasions. If unsure, you can never go wrong with the iconic little black dress.

Body Type

Considering body type is the next idea to feel confident when dressing up.  A dress that fits and flatters the figure means there will be no need to add uncomfortable undergarments, tuck on the sleeves or bodice for adjustments, or stand behind other guests for pictures.  Choosing among dresses that suit the body will be less frustrating, more fun, and completely avoid second-guessing the choice.

There are five body types identified by designers and manufacturers which are:

  1. Hourglass
  2. Inverted triangle
  3. Pear
  4. Rectangle
  5. Apple

Once your body type is determined, finding a dress that accentuates positive features and minimizes flaws will be simple and eliminate the stress of finding something that looks marvelous.  Remember, the process of deciding how to dress up for the party is part of the fun of the event.


Buying a new dress for every party will be expensive, exhausting, and extremely difficult to maintain due to lack of closet space.  Instead of overloading credit cards and closets, shopping for a few dresses to have on hand to cover all party types is wise. That does not mean showing up at summer parties in the exact same look every time.

The creative use of accessories can stretch a wardrobe in a very long way.  Spend the money on high-quality dresses that will last and save money by putting together several looks with less expensive shoes, jewelry, purses, hats, scarves, and shawls.  That printed summer dress ideal for afternoon barbecues will become perfect for evening party boat cruises by adding a solid color silk shawl, a slight heel, and a clutch purse.

Dressing up for a party these days can be a blast because in fashion just about anything goes.  Jeans to a formal affair will always be a major faux pas, but beautiful patterns, lengths that suit your style, and trendy accessories are now acceptable for all occasions.  Wearing a maxi dress with a paisley pattern is fine for both an evening event and a garden party.

Add to the fun of choosing a party dress by meeting up with friends who are also invited to the party.  Get even more ideas, shop for accessories, and stop for lunch to make a whole day of the process.







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