How do you start to declutter a room?

Imagine how good it would be if you go to sleep and wake up each morning to a clean and clutter-free house. One of the best ways to handle your household resources is to perform a declutter once a while. However, the main reason people declutter a room is when they are about to move.

Moving is a big process, one needs to plan out things, get a moving company, buy packing boxes, pack the belongings and declutter the excess things. Today we are going to talk about how you can easily declutter a room.


6 Tips to easily declutter a room: –


  1.   Create a place for papers: – Papers are one of the most common things that account for a lot of clutter. The main reason for this is because we put papers in different places in the room. After all, it’s just a piece of paper so why not put it near the T.V or the table or the sofa or in the car, right?


This is the main reason we can never find the right paper at the right time. In order to avoid this, all you have to do is just put a box or tray or just find a proper spot where you can keep all the papers. Doing this small thing will change the appearance of your room in a flash.


  1.   Wardrobe: – Your bedroom wardrobe is probably the biggest clutter culprit in your house. Even if the door is closed, it still remains a big mess from the inside. The main reason for having a messy closet is because you do not take enough time to hang the clothes or fold them. You can easily avoid this by taking an extra 5 minutes to hang the clothes properly and stacking them properly after folding them.


  1.   Bookshelf: – An easy way to start your decluttering process is by cleaning the bookshelf. You don’t have to jump to the entire shelf all at once, just start with one particular shelf. Clear all the non-essential books or things you have on that shelf and put them in a box. Books can easily be sold again or donated. You can check websites like Craigslist or eBay to resell your books.


  1.   Make a box and label it “Maybe” : – When decluttering a room, you will find items that you know you will need and items that you will not need. But sometimes you will find items that you do not need but you cannot throw them away. The best thing to do here is to make a box and label it “maybe” or something and put those items in there. After storing those items in the box, you can hide it somewhere else. You can put a reminder on your phone to check that box every six months to see if there is something that you can throw out.


  1.   Clear your medical cabinet: – If you do not have one proper spot for all your medicines, then make one now. Decluttering the medicine cabinet would be extremely easy as all you have to do is find the expired medicines and throw them out. Make sure to do this every 2 to 3 months to stay safe.


  1.   Make small trays: – Rooms usually get filled with small things such as watches, earrings, knickknacks, etc. All you have to do is put a small tray to keep them together and stay in track of all the essential things.

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are the top 6 ways by which you can start to declutter a room easily. Go through all of them and you will start finding a clean looking room in no time.



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