A Guide to Taking Care of Someone with an Injury

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When someone we love has an injury, it can affect us a lot; almost as much as if we were the injured one. It can be a scary time for both the injured person and their loved ones. Often, someone may struggle to take care of themselves after getting an injury, and if possible, you should try and help them. It can be a bit overwhelming to take care of someone with an injury, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you help them. Keep reading to learn what you can do.

Run errands and do chores

After getting injured, most people require a lot of rest so that their bodies can recover. This means that they shouldn’t be going about their daily activities as normal. If you are in a position to help, you should do so by running errands for them. This includes getting groceries, popping into the pharmacy for whatever they need – heat packs, Allevyn dressing, medication – and canceling any upcoming appointments they may have. You can also help them with daily chores and tasks, like walking their dog, watering their plants, or cleaning the house. 

Keep track of what they need to do

Usually, someone with an injury will have certain things they need to do to take care of the injury. These include things like doctors’ or physiotherapy appointments. They may also have certain instructions from their doctor or exercises from their physiotherapy that they need to do, and you can motivate them to do these when they aren’t in the mood. You can remind them how beneficial physiotherapy is. You must remain kind with them, but sometimes you will have to put your foot down and be firm. Tough love is often necessary in order to get people to take care of themselves. 

Make some nutritious food for them

While people with injuries may not be able to take care of their bodies in terms of exercise, they can still make sure that they are fueling their bodies with good food. You can offer to make some food for them so that they don’t overexert themselves. Soup is always a good option, as it contains lots of nutrients and it will be easy for them to reheat once you’re gone. You can click here for some soup recipes.  

Support them

Finally, help them in whatever way they can. If they ask you to do something, do it, even if it’s as simple as getting a glass of cold water for them. We often focus on the physical effects of injuries, but serious injuries can often have a severe mental and emotional impact, so you must be there for your loved one if they need someone to talk to. Being emotionally supportive is very hard for some people, but our top advice would be to listen to what they’re saying, and try to keep them positive if you can. In the end, the best thing you can do is just to be there for them. No one wants to be injured and alone. 


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