What Amenities Should You Get with Your Honeymoon Package at a Coastal Resort     

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Finding the perfect tropical destination for a fantastic honeymoon for you and your partner is essential to start your marriage on a good note. It can provide the much-needed break both of you need after your wedding. 

When you’re trying to narrow it down to one resort, you might be confused about what should be included with your honeymoon package. At top resorts like Sandals South Coast, Jamaica, you will find all of your needs and wishes fulfilled without any extra hassle. 



The best resorts all have multiple dining options available within the resort, so you don’t have to venture too far to get a good meal. They will have a selection of cuisines available to entice your taste buds throughout the honeymoon. Enjoy traditional Jamaican cuisines like a smoked jerk, steamed cabbage with saltfish, Ackee with codfish, Jamaican Fish Escovitch, and more at your chosen resort. 

Besides good food, you also want to make sure the resort has a good selection of drinks available. After all, a tropical getaway with lots of sunlight will make you thirsty and crave cool liquids. 

Recreational Activities 

Many resorts on South Coast offer exclusive activities for their guests within the resort premises. This can include scenic gardens where you can take romantic walks with your partner, scuba diving, and deep fishing.

Other facilities in your resort can also include multiple swimming pools with gorgeous views, tennis courts, gyms, and aerobics studios. You and your partner should find everything you need within the resort itself. 

Exploration Opportunities 

You can request your resort to book you and your partner for various island tours that will let you experience the local culture first-hand. Many resorts also provide their tourists with safari tours to explore the native wildlife of the location.

Your resort may also be able to provide transportation for you and your partner to popular attractions like caves, waterfalls, and jungles. 

Relaxation Facilities 

Your honeymoon is all about relaxation for you and your partner. As a part of that, it is natural to want your resort to have spa and massage facilities that will provide ultimate comfort.

You can look into couples’ massages and experience relaxation provided within your honeymoon package. Relaxation facilities are provided by many resorts like Sandals, South Coast, Jamaica.

Off Resort Activities

Your resort staff will also have many suggestions about what activities you can do beyond the resort premises. This can include water sports, scuba diving, and much more. 

Visit Lovers Leap in St. Elizabeth for its romantic views from 1700 feet above the sea. Or visit YS Falls in St. Elizabeth or Roaring River Park in Negril to get different experiences. 

You can confirm beforehand what activities your resort will arrange for you and ask them to book you and your partner for the most popular activities. 

Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon at the Best Resort

There are various resorts like Sandals, South Coast, Jamaica that also provide individual over-the-water bungalows for their guests for complete privacy and relaxation. 

Having private bungalows lets you experience luxury at its finest and gives some much-needed alone time for both you and your partner. If you truly want an unforgettable experience, you can look into hiring a butler service for your honeymoon for a truly lavish and classy experience. 

Many resorts also have certain dressing attire during the day and night, so make sure you should check that before leaving for your honeymoon. 

You should also check beforehand how far your resort will be from the nearest airport and town, as this will help you plan your trips accordingly. Don’t miss out on the local life of your destination, and be sure to ask your resort for suggestions about what you can do while you’re there. 



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