A Family of Squirrels is living in Your Attic – Here is What To Do

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It’s a common concern for most homeowners what they’ll do if their home gets invaded by a wild animal, all of a sudden. And one of the most common wild animal guests is none other than the cute, furry squirrel. While most of us will go aww when we see a squirrel running up a tree in the park, when they’re inside our home, the situation suddenly becomes less cute.

What are the problems of having squirrels?

Squirrels are known to carry various diseases, among which leptospirosis, Lyme Disease, salmonellosis, and so many others. Naturally, these can seriously put you, your family and your pets at risk, which is why you’ll want to get rid of the squirrels living in your attic as swiftly as possible. 

Another serious concern for parents is the presence of a squirrel near their child. Not only will the animal expose your baby to the above mentioned diseases, but it will also create quite a ruckus. Squirrels tend to be particularly active during the night, which is why it’s quite common to hear scuttling and other various noises during the nighttime, while your little ones are trying to sleep.

Lastly, squirrels may come off all cute and cuddly, but like most wild animals, they will fight if they feel cornered. And unfortunately, while you may know not to approach a wild animal, your toddler or your pet might not. This can lead to serious injury, not to mention, of course, infection with bacteria. So you need to keep your home a squirrel-free haven for your loved ones.

What can you do if there are squirrels on your property?

One of the most important steps you can take is to keep your children and your pets a safe distance away from the family of squirrels, to avoid an altercation. Next, decide on the removal method that’s best suited for your particular lifestyle. You can learn a bit more about different squirrel removal alternatives at Here, you can also read up on squirrels, so that you can always be prepared in the face of an invasion.

A popular option, known for the fairly low cost and fair effectiveness, is live trapping. Nowadays, you don’t need to kill a bothersome wild animal to get rid of it from your property. Specialty stores now sell live traps, which are basically cages that lure the squirrel in with a bit of bait, then trap it inside, without harming it. You can use a live trap to remove the squirrel(s) to a safe location, where it/they won’t bother anyone.

Alternatively, you could call a professional wildlife removal service, like Wildlife Removal Michigan. A qualified professional will help get rid of the squirrel from your property swiftly and efficiently, so it has a higher success rate than attempting to live trap the squirrel yourself.

Also, a professional will also be able to inspect the property and figure out what exactly attracted the family of squirrels there in the first place. In some cases, they will also repair the damage caused by the wild animal in question, and advise you on steps to take to prevent squirrel invasions in the future. When dealing with a squirrel (or any other wild animal, really), it’s not just important that you get rid of it quickly, but also that you prevent it from showing up and bothering you and your family again.

Remember, squirrels, though furry and cute, are not something you want near your children, so make sure you take the appropriate removal steps!


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